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I need hl.exe to run on one core, else i get horrible frame loss. Setting it in task manager isn't persistent (if I quit and start again, it goes back to all cores). THG task assignment manager is all I could find googling, and it doesn't always work]]>
DD-WRT or Tomato.. http://fdassault.com/discussion/1984/dd-wrt-or-tomato.. Wed, 19 Jan 2011 08:55:15 -0500 waterxm04 1984@/discussions ]]> In need of help http://fdassault.com/discussion/1982/in-need-of-help Fri, 14 Jan 2011 15:30:48 -0500 Jonobono 1982@/discussions
I've spoken with her many times and sadly she has forgotten what the password was changed to.

The specifics:
Using windows 7, 64x
No, i stupidly did not create an admin login
No, i stupidly did not create a password recovery disk
No, there are not other users of the computer
- The scenario is this: Power up computer, let windows load, it then shows my name (Ben) and prompts me to enter the password. This is the part where I am stuck. In a cruel twist, she even changed the hint to: R U Mad?

Yes, i am fucking mad.

I've searched the internet a bit and have found many sites that claim their software can easily bypass it to allow me to again reset it. I've gone as far as emailing one of the companies asking for further information, and 7 days later, i've heard nothing. This would cost about $20. I've also read that Windows can remotely reset it for $80, but have conflicting reports saying that Windows will do no such thing.

I've found a site that seems to be free (albeit it hasn't been updated in over a year) but when I went to put the files on a flash drive and boot my computer from that drive, it informs me that no opperating system is found, which is probably something I'm doing wrong.

In conclusion, I would like to avoid reformatting as losing 80 gigs of music would be devastating. I will if I have to, but a portion of my soul will be wiped clean, similarly as the hard drive.

Any help in this issue would be greatly appreciated.

IE vs Chrome vs firefox http://fdassault.com/discussion/1975/ie-vs-chrome-vs-firefox Wed, 15 Dec 2010 15:46:19 -0500 waterxm04 1975@/discussions I've got the whole history from netscape to IE to firefox now with chrome coming up it's more competitive then previous years. Anyone with knowledge feel free to shed some light.

P.s. Didn't proofread any of that above.. dan]]>
Windows 7 Desktop lock-up? http://fdassault.com/discussion/1967/windows-7-desktop-lock-ups Thu, 11 Nov 2010 10:54:19 -0500 waterxm04 1967@/discussions Heatsink FTL (or me) http://fdassault.com/discussion/1952/heatsink-ftl-or-me Sun, 10 Oct 2010 11:07:12 -0400 Cheezzypoof 1952@/discussions
Idles around 34, and load 66. Phew lol. Not sure what I screwed up both times but good to have it running the way it should be. After the thermal paste cures I'll look into overclocking it in a couple weeks.]]>
Building computer http://fdassault.com/discussion/1907/building-computer Wed, 04 Aug 2010 11:40:03 -0400 Evestay 1907@/discussions
Here is the motherboard I am working with if that influences the method of building:
Registry cleaner http://fdassault.com/discussion/1906/registry-cleaner Mon, 26 Jul 2010 23:27:04 -0400 coffee 1906@/discussions
Macbook Pro 15" http://fdassault.com/discussion/1897/macbook-pro-15 Tue, 13 Jul 2010 18:06:17 -0400 mungo 1897@/discussions Desktop http://fdassault.com/discussion/1898/desktop Thu, 15 Jul 2010 09:43:08 -0400 mungo 1898@/discussions
No monitor necessary.

What should he get?]]>
CPU Fan Weirdness http://fdassault.com/discussion/1894/cpu-fan-weirdness Mon, 12 Jul 2010 11:56:57 -0400 Gmnotutoo 1894@/discussions
Is this a case of the fan breaking down if I have had it for longer than 5 years? I've also had my hard drive and power supply for just as long.

Also, this only recently started to happen.]]>
dont upgrade to vlc 1.1.0 http://fdassault.com/discussion/1892/dont-upgrade-to-vlc-1.1.0 Sun, 11 Jul 2010 18:40:01 -0400 woer 1892@/discussions
--When I open CS, it crashes.
--When full screen, when it moves to another item on the playlist, it doesn't stay maximized (adds a window title border to the top and part of the start bar shows up)
--When not fullscreen, it doesn't resize the window so that the next file on the playlist opens at its true resolution if not maximized
--It won't disable the screensaver when the option is on (though I had this problem in other releases, too).

do yourself a favor and wait for 1.1.1]]>
PC Inquiry http://fdassault.com/discussion/1867/pc-inquiry Mon, 14 Jun 2010 14:55:06 -0400 Governor 1867@/discussions
I know it is kind of a generic question, but what sort of technology should I be looking into? Are there notable processor changes or graphics card changes that I should read/look into? Any information you can provide would be excellent.]]>
Router is assinging wired IPs to wireless clients http://fdassault.com/discussion/1889/router-is-assinging-wired-ips-to-wireless-clients Sun, 04 Jul 2010 16:09:51 -0400 woer 1889@/discussions
Anyway, i wanted wireless working, so i got in and didn't change anything from default except to put encryption on and change the ssid to cuntykiddyporn to troll neighbors

When i connect to the router on the wireless network, my computer gets a popup saying there's another computer with the same ip, and the laptop can't access the internet. I tried setting the ip address to the wireless card on the laptop manually to since the computer is .100, yet the same thing happened when i tried again (how does that even make sense?).

i looked through the settings but couldn't find anywhere to specify different ip ranges between wired and wireless--which i suppose makes sense because the router should know not to assign the same ip to the only two computers on the network lol

Has anyone had this trouble before or have insights into how to resolve the problem? Much thanks!

btw it is a linksys wrt54gs2 (http://homesupport.cisco.com/en-us/wireless/lbc/WRT54GS2?referrer=www.linksysbycisco.com)]]>
WinXP woes http://fdassault.com/discussion/1841/winxp-woes Thu, 06 May 2010 14:03:48 -0400 woer 1841@/discussions
I've tried ipconfig /release and /renew, pulling the cable, and right clicking the network connection to disconnect and then reconnect (though I believe that's the same as ipconfig). None of them help. After restarting, it's fine.

Anyone have any idea why this happens? Is there a way to fix it without rebooting? Many thanks.]]>
W(tf)indors 7 sleep corrupts MBR? http://fdassault.com/discussion/1888/wtfindors-7-sleep-corrupts-mbrs Sun, 04 Jul 2010 16:02:39 -0400 woer 1888@/discussions
I plugged in the flash drive I installed linux from, reinstalled grub (linux boot manager), and booted into Windows only to have everything that was running last night be open, so it must have went to sleep. Why would sleep corrupt the boot manager? Or did it not corrupt it, but then what would cause grub not to load when powering the laptop on? This seems very strange.

edit: lol windors

edit: it was hibernation, not sleep. sleep works ok.]]>
Nvidia Drivers http://fdassault.com/discussion/1884/nvidia-drivers Wed, 30 Jun 2010 08:57:58 -0400 Governor 1884@/discussions Keyboard? http://fdassault.com/discussion/1878/keyboards Sun, 27 Jun 2010 19:57:38 -0400 Governor 1878@/discussions
Does anyone have an idea as to where I should look for this? I've glanced through Amazon briefly, and I was surprised to see how terrible the keyboards were there.]]>
Retarded External HD question http://fdassault.com/discussion/1881/retarded-external-hd-question Tue, 29 Jun 2010 12:37:03 -0400 mungo 1881@/discussions
If I get a mac, will I be able to use my HD without formatting it?]]>
Which CPU for a laptop: C2D-SU7300 or I5? http://fdassault.com/discussion/1864/which-cpu-for-a-laptop-c2d-su7300-or-i5s Thu, 10 Jun 2010 18:04:03 -0400 woer 1864@/discussions
There are two versions of the one I want for basically the same price, one with a C2D SU7300 CPU (1.3ghz and can be OC'ed to 1.7ghz) and the other with an I5 520UM (1.066-1.866ghz). I'm having trouble finding benchmarks comparing them. Does anyone have suggestions on which to get? Is there much difference?

edit: to throw it out there, it's also available with a I7 640UM (1.2-2.266ghz) for $150 more, but it doesn't seem worth it at that price]]>
Any good monitoring software for Comcast's BW meter http://fdassault.com/discussion/1837/any-good-monitoring-software-for-comcasts-bw-meter Sat, 01 May 2010 17:43:28 -0400 woer 1837@/discussions
I'm having a bit of trouble staying under the cap, so I end up viewing it like every day.


I signed up in March (hence it's way under the cap). I was up over 200gb like half way through April, and I'm already 10% to the cap only one day into the month....]]>
Shot in the Dark http://fdassault.com/discussion/1834/shot-in-the-dark Mon, 26 Apr 2010 15:50:34 -0400 Nunes 1834@/discussions

You'd be more help than Dow Corning and 3M combined. I've got a couple feelers out in the industry, but maybe some of you engineering jerks know of something, eh?

So far, I'm pouring through this...]]>
Anyone use DD-WRT? http://fdassault.com/discussion/1821/anyone-use-dd-wrts Thu, 08 Apr 2010 00:31:37 -0400 woer 1821@/discussions So my sister got an iMac for Christmas... http://fdassault.com/discussion/1760/so-my-sister-got-an-imac-for-christmas... Fri, 25 Dec 2009 15:55:49 -0500 Brian 1760@/discussions

See the part where it says that it even runs windows? And that installation is easy and safe to your files?


Ran bootcamp, partitioned the disc space.

Inserted XP disc when prompted.

Windows install begins, I format the partition using NTFS (The ONLY option available).

The system now continues to restart, and prompts for a new XP install each time. Repairing nets the same results. I do the mac bullshit and when its in its restart (not during any writing of files) and eject the disc by holding the mouse key.

Now I get an error with simply a picture of a file folder with a question mark in it, which is SO useful. Thankfully, google on my other windows machine tells me that the error picture I see means the computer cannot find a system folder. A little odd since I only touched the windows partition. Google also tells me that I should have created a mac drivers disc for windows. Another thing bootcamp didn't mention at all.

Oh and, what's this? Google also tells me that I was supposed to install using FAT 32... which I did not have the option for.

No biggy. I'll restart with the boot disc and reinstall OS X. Oh wait, when I get to the install, and it tells me to select where I would like to install the OS there are NO AVAILABLE OPTIONS.

The disc utility shows me that I have my partition, as well as the rest of the drive. It shows the rest of the drive as being OSX compatible. It also won't let me re-format or do anything similar to said drive, or do anything AT ALL to the drive because it is "read only".

So now my only option is to boot using my windows install as my boot drive, which only boots if I have the windows install disc inserted, and then only boots to the windows XP install screen AGAIN.


If anyone has any ideas, aside from taking it back and saying "It doesn't fucking work." PLEASE, hook a brotha up.]]>
Buying a Laptop http://fdassault.com/discussion/1697/buying-a-laptop Mon, 23 Nov 2009 18:45:49 -0500 cutchins 1697@/discussions
I need links/suggestions for a laptop around $750. I'm looking for value and reliability. Gaming isn't a priority for me anymore, though I will definitely still be doing it. Any help is welcome. I'll be back tomorrow to check this so help fast! I'd like to buy it this week. Worse comes to worse, I may have to just stop in at Best Buy and pick one up there. But can't I find better deals online?

Thanks guys!]]>
New Comp http://fdassault.com/discussion/1661/new-comp Fri, 30 Oct 2009 18:44:44 -0400 hexenwulf 1661@/discussions
4 each Western Digital velociraptor hd's WD3000GLFS

Intel Q6600 quad core

Gigabyte mobo. Not sure of exact model yet.

Kingwin 700 watt power supply

Unknown ATI video card

Currently running windows server 2003 with unknown passwords so I cannot do anything yet. Trying an Ubuntu install RAID 0. Just for giggles.

Overall cost to me ZERO DOLLARS!!!

Seemed like a good deal to me. Hopefully I don't mess things up with the linux install. What is the latest on Windows 7? anyone with real world experience? How about a RAID install, will it support it?]]>
Audio Software http://fdassault.com/discussion/1232/audio-software Sun, 08 Mar 2009 11:59:00 -0400 Magic 1232@/discussions Anti-Virus http://fdassault.com/discussion/1512/anti-virus Thu, 06 Aug 2009 18:17:14 -0400 Pheylan 1512@/discussions Troubles in the past reoccuring http://fdassault.com/discussion/1442/troubles-in-the-past-reoccuring Tue, 16 Jun 2009 08:40:07 -0400 azn mike 1442@/discussions
I get massive lag spikes every moment or so and I know I'm lagging because I can feel it in CS and in vent I spike up to 5000 - 25000... I know it's the router because my old router a Linksys never did this to me and the moment my roommate changed it to his D-Link DGL-4300 I started having these spiking issues (I had these before but i'm too lazy to look it up...)

So is there anything I can do to fix this annoying problem? Because I can't have conversations in vent and I can't play in any games...

I recently made my change from XP to Windows 7 in hopes that would solve the problem but nope, it didn't...so any thoughts? HALP!

so...let's see...

Tried to do the whole port forwarding by using the site portforwarding.com

I created a static IP address, figured out my primary and secondary DNS go my MAC address and all and made sure that I created ports for Ventrillo and counterstrike...yet I'm still spiking to 15000 on ventrillo...

I'm pretty much lost at this point. When I create a static IP it doesn't work, when I'm using dynamic IP it doesn't work...go me?

Edit: 9:55pm

Changed it back to dynamic IP, portforwarded everything to my IP on the router...still nothing. ARG!

Any enlightenment? I am so confused right now lol...]]>
Reinstalling Windows on a laptop http://fdassault.com/discussion/1113/reinstalling-windows-on-a-laptop Fri, 28 Nov 2008 13:11:00 -0500 redbone 1113@/discussions