• PotatoPotato October 2007
    does anyone have the capability to create a new/have some influence over a server and what it does? 'cause that would be super. until then, we're stuck in the batcountry that is [r3s1n]...
  • scrubblescrubble October 2007
    i'd be willing to put in some money in getting a server up and running if anyone is interesting in helping me.
  • neocronneocron October 2007
    I just play in UK servers these days. If you guys have a regular server you all visit then post it here and I'll drop by someday.
  • buck3y3buck3y3 October 2007
    I plan on poppin a new server soon......unless someone beats me to it. My goal was Nov. 1 but, you know.

    <first post>

  • LethaLLethaL October 2007
    i could help anyone who want my help

    so scrubble, bucky or if i could help anyone else tell me !
  • BlueBoxBobBlueBoxBob October 2007
    I'd probably play there if FD people play there, I don't think all the community will play there and it won't be fun as it used to be so I'll see how it goes.
  • PotatoPotato October 2007
    i'd play the hell out of the aforementioned server. especially if i were an admin of sorts...
  • rude1979usrude1979us November 2007
    I am in the process of setting up a server, but this is my first time. I found a quick tutorial online, but wanted to get others advice on setting up a good, manageable (hopefully remotely through a slick web interface) CS server. Any advice or does anyone know of a good resource on setting up a server?
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