Counter-Strike 1.6 updates
  • LethaLLethaL October 2008
    Valve will update Counter-Strike .

    An important update will be Silent-Run. This technique that has been used for years will be erased.
    So , Silent-Run will now make normal sound .

    Alfred Raynolds said : "You can no longer exploit the game to prevent footstep sounds, the technique itself still works, so you can do crazy duck walking if you want"

    In my opinion , this is the most important update .

    There are also other updates :
    - Avatars are displayed on the scoreboard
    - Enabled crosshair selection
    - Got hltv running with the beta
    - Fixed A2S_RULES not returning data
    - Added "-noaff" option for dedicated servers so it won't bind to CPU 0 on windows
    - Fixed "Steam validation rejected" error on connect
    - Added "bannedcfgfile" cvar so you can control the file written to by the writeid command

    There are rumors that it will be an update that will allow CS to be played only with 32 bits. I repeat : only rumors.

    Updates confirmed :
    - Avatars you can only see avatars if you use 1024 x 768 resolution in cs or above

    Half-Life 1 Engine Update Released
    October 22, 2008, 4:40 pm - Jason Ruymen - Product Update

    A new set of Steamworks features have been released for all Half-Life 1 engine multiplayer games: Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, Team Fortress Classic, Deathmatch Classic, Ricochet, Day of Defeat and Half-life 1 Deathmatch. The update includes Steamworks features such as player avatars in the scoreboard when playing Counter-Strike and Condition Zero. The update also contains several bug fixes, listed below. Note that this update will require all game servers to restart.

    Bug Fixes

    * Removed the need to manually re-login and re-authenticate to Steam while in game
    * Fixed a crash on startup when running windowed with a non-standard desktop resolution
    * Removed the display of saytext (in-game chat text) from players whom you've blocked in Steam friends
    * Locked down several engine cvars to prevent malicious script exploits
    * Enforced file consistency on several sprites in Counter-Strike
    * Removed "ex_extrapmax" cvar (no longer needed)


    * Added "-noaff" command-line option to disable setting of thread affinity
    * Added "bannedcfg" cvar so admins can choose which file is written to by the "writeid" command
  • redboneredbone October 2008
    Hahahaha yes! 1.6 is still where it's at and steam has finally come to grips with it!

    As much as crouch running or whatever you want to call it is frowned upon by CAL and US, it plays a serious role in tournaments held around the globe, and this change will piss a lot of players off. That being said, I like it, crouch hopping wasn't an intended aspect for gameplay, its an exploit tactic by nature.
  • mungomungo October 2008
    QUOTE (redbone @ Oct 23 2008, 03:02 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    That being said, I like it, crouch hopping wasn't an intended aspect for gameplay, its an exploit tactic by nature.

    That's because you've never been able to do it.
  • redboneredbone October 2008
    QUOTE (mungo @ Oct 23 2008, 08:11 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    That's because you've never been able to do it.

    image/dry.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="<_<" border="0" alt="dry.gif" />
  • Black+BalloonBlack Balloon October 2008
    I found it too much of a pain in the ass to bother.
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