World In Conflict
  • neocronneocron October 2007
    Seriously no one plays this game?

    I thought someone would have picked it up, its a real good time filler.

    RTS 16 man servers. Jump in and out of game as quick as you can on Counter-Strike. Infact thats what its modelled on strangely enough. Its made to be the Counter-Strike of RTS games. Doesn't need too much thought to play it like Company of Heroes does. Its just a fun pub game really.
  • JAmmYJAmmY October 2007
    I've only seen it in Best Buy and stuff, and been meaning to looking into it. Right meow I have enough games to play right now between the computer and my 360, and no time to play them.
  • scrubblescrubble October 2007
    i was thinking about getting it. it'll have to wait until i get my next paycheck.
  • neocronneocron October 2007
    Well I think it slipped under the radar for most gamers. Its definatly a good game for voice coms couple of guys on vent, stack a team in pub and it could be a blast.
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