Wall Street suicide watch
  • NunesNunes November 2008
    Now, yes. This is very, very, very sad. But it was also a matter of time. And I'm a very, very, very bad person. So without further adieu:

    1 down.
    Mr. Fox of Bear Sterns infamey

    I'm mostly surprised he actually chose to go out so traditionally. I thought for sure the first one would be a guy standing in front of the turbine of his private jet that's getting repossessed and having his butler turn it on.
  • GovernorGovernor November 2008
    I have no remorse. I think his rationale for killing himself is retarded, but who am I to judge?
  • NunesNunes November 2008
    I'm trying not to come off as a commie pinko dick tissue now that Obama won. I'm sure 8 years of republican whining about everything will be easier to respond to if I don't sound like I'm from bizzaro world before that happens. But yeah. Killing yourself for "things"... real thinker there... His family might miss him though, if he has one, and I looked but was unable to find anything our about him except that he was a broker for Stearns. So he could've been a decent guy caught up in some way too heavy shit. I guess?

    But he was one dumb fucker to take pills and jump from 300 ft in the air. For people too lazy to read the article: he killed himself because he would have had to draft a resume. Why OD first? Just pop a couple Oxy's and enjoy the trip. Pun intended.
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