If You were Prez
  • MeatonMeaton November 2008
    Ok so in chance of trying to make a usefull post.. i going to try.. If you were to run for prez and such what would you do.. I know i talked to many people in the past and i heard good bad and what not.. but i also know there a lot of people here that love to talk aboutthings like this and i looking to see what you guys might post..
  • JeddHamptonJeddHampton November 2008
    Cut government spending by eliminating certain departments, like the Department of Education, that haven't been of use and actually was a step back.

    I'd eliminate one or two of the following: CIA, FBI, or Department of Homeland Security. The responsibilities of the eliminated department(s) would fall to the other(s). There is no reason to have three departments with such similar job descriptions.

    I'd make sure that the government keeps a balanced budget and veto every bill that goes against that (except in the most extreme of circumstances).

    I'd use any surplus of money to pay off the debt that this country seems to love increasing.

    On social issues, I'd leave decisions to the states.
  • GovernorGovernor November 2008
    I would immediately shut down all of our embassies and pull all of our troops out of every country we're in and bring them home to the United States.

    I would shut down and remove every federal program and department that I could through executive power alone. This should also have the desired effect of ending initiatives like the war on drugs.

    I would use the federal government's income from the federal income tax of my first few months to immediately pay off our national debt in full, and then push to amend the constitution to confirm that income is a form of property (which would make it illegal to tax income at all, eliminating the federal income tax entirely). I would also push congress to repeal the 16th amendment.

    I would veto any unbalanced budget.

    I would close the federal reserve and get monetary system backed by physical assets.
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