Fall TV '07
  • scrubblescrubble October 2007
    so guys, what new shows are you watching?

    for new shows i really like Life, Reaper and Pushing Daisies.
  • GovernorGovernor October 2007
    I'm a big fan of Journeyman. The show itself is alright, but I'm a huge fan of Kevin McKidd ever since I saw Rome.
  • carto0ncarto0n October 2007
    world series
  • PheylanPheylan October 2007
    I haven't seen anything that really caught my eye this season. I'm sticking to Heroes, NCIS, The Unit and Nip/Tuck for now.
  • 0%3Duid%28root%290=uid(root) October 2007
    i love scrubble for making threads he knows i will enjoy responding to.

    8:00P Simpsons (fox)
    9:00P Family Guy (fox)
    10:00P Shark (cbs)

    8:00P Chuck (nbc)
    9:00P Heroes (nbc)
    10:00P CSI: Miami
    [download prison break]

    8:00P NCIS (cbs)
    9:00P The Unit (cbs)
    10:00 Boston Legal (abc)
    11:00 nip/tuck (fx)

    9:00P Criminal Minds (cbs)
    10:00P Life (nbc)

    8:30P 30 Rock (nbc)
    9:00P The Office (nbc)
    9:30P Scrubs (nbc)

    10:00P Las Vegas (nbc)
    10:00P Numb3rs (cbs)
    [download both to watch sunday afternoon]

    10:00P Bionic Woman (nbc)
    [download to watch sunday afternoon]

    and a few out of the country funsies:

    trailer park boys, summer heights high, green wing
  • carto0ncarto0n October 2007
    bionic woman is good
  • NonRootNonRoot October 2007
    Prison Break (though this show is starting to go downhill)
    Soprano (reruns)

    I usually download PB and Heroes as well. Since I work at 4am 5 days a week. by that time at night, im usually sleeping.
  • BlueBoxBobBlueBoxBob October 2007
    Numb3rs and Prison Break are damn good shows. Too bad we are like 2 years later in French image/sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />
  • TrueBelieverTrueBeliever October 2007
    My Name is Earl
    The Office
  • neocronneocron October 2007
    All I am watching at the moment is Heroes & Dexter. Lost isn't back till January right? image/sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />

    EDIT: & Top Gear.
  • AlfyAlfy October 2007
    I don't watch TV.
  • BudweiserBudweiser October 2007
    You really should stop playing with yourself in the bathroom all the time, and maybe expand your horizons.

    The Unit....which has sucked so far this year.

    Will be sure to watch the new season of 24 when it starts.
  • dandan October 2007
    QUOTE (Alfy @ Oct 29 2007, 03:21 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I don't watch TV.


    But the only show I make sure I see every week (and I'm shocked no one mentioned it already) is House.

  • jump3rjump3r October 2007
    image/ohmy.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":o" border="0" alt="ohmy.gif" /> Only one person mentioned Dexter? I have to catch up on watching Dexter, and I catch HOUSE whenever I get a chance.
  • coffeecoffee October 2007
    South Park
    Ramsay's kitchen nightmares
    Hell's Kitchen
    Holmes on homes
    Sarah Silverman program

  • PheylanPheylan October 2007
    I thought that the last 2 episodes of the Unit and the first two this year rocked. Really cool to see a long story line like that. The other episodes this year were ok at best.
  • neocronneocron October 2007
    Sarah Silverman has to be one of the least funny people in the world. How she has her own show is beyond me.
  • ChillsonChillson October 2007
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