Housing Package
  • NunesNunes February 2009
    Why not? Well, crazy wall street reporter man, because your "plan" is retarded. The fact that the people on the market floor with him cheered should be further evidence of the retarded nature of that "plan".

    "this is america!" my asshole.
  • KPKP February 2009
    Against the housing bill.

    I guess I should read into the thought behind it and how it actually works to save any final judgment, but I am pretty sure I won't like it then either.
  • NunesNunes February 2009
    Oh, and Rick Santelli, the guy in that video? Yeah, he's a cock. Didn't know it at the time, but when Michelle Malkin uses you as a launching board for something it's safe to say you have no idea what you're talking about and/or are simply paying lip service to the people who you represent in the media.

    It's a lot less like reporting and a lot more like politics.

    /seriously 3 separate op ed authors from NRO have written up crap about him being the new hope for the GOP. Palin/Santelli 2012 stickers are for sale... When Obama got crowds excited he was a hollywood superstar elitist. This guy gets a couple traders (in chicago, that den of corruption!) excited and *now* it's a good thing.
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