Some Fun in FD :)
  • ishish May 2009
    I was playing tonight in a server where 75% were enjoying just doing some stacks and other team strategy stuff. A couple people kept ruining it by shooting and pretending they were Gamms so I told everyone that wanted to have some fun to come to the server.

    It was empty at the time, but within minutes, the server was up to about 12 people. Blacklight and Malisk even joined in on the fun.

    Attached are some screen shots. Enjoy!


    And my apologies for only knowing how to add attachments and not knowing how to add thumbnailed images.
  • redboneredbone May 2009
    stack as big as the ct tower looks fucking epic
  • Yes I take credit for being the drunken fool that started the mess, ahaha
  • this was unbelievable - I saw Ish in resin so I went to join, when I got there he was gone, so I was like, hm - checked friends and saw that the previously empty donut server now had 9 people: all people ish had dragged over from resin. hilariously good times, the stacks were ridiculous
  • mungomungo May 2009
    Learn to attach jpegs, you fake graphic designer.
  • NunesNunes May 2009
    Bitmap is only slightly more obnoxious than getting fucked sideways with a barbed-wire dildo.

    ...By Janet Napolitano
  • woooooo
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