• woerwoer October 2007
    what are the less obvious differences between source and 1.6 (especially in competitive theory)? i haven't played it since it came out, and i found out today that a group on campus is hosting a source tourney that i have to play in :x
  • TrueBelieverTrueBeliever October 2007
    I play source (never talk about it here though because everyone would just reply "FAG" or something like that)

    -strafing is very important aspect in this game, even more so than 1.6, because as you get shot at you don't stop moving, you just slow down. I use strafing to my advantage in aiming also

    example: instead of moving my mouse left or right towards their head, I might strafe some of that distance to get to their head. This does 2 things, helps me aim and messes up theirs, and if you get hit, you won't stop moving.

    -Guns accuracy are a little more accurate. I create my crosshairs super small because of this aspect of the game. You can do this by going into your console and typing in "cl_crosshairscale ######" I use 20000 (as small as it gets) I don't believe that was in 1.6

    -Generally this is a slightly quicker game than 1.6, it is easier to die, but easier to kill. In CS:S survival is harder to achieve, and because of this someone with great survival skills with good strategic thinking will have the advantage over the sharp shooters (even though being a good shot is still very important)

    I think they are the main differences. I hope I helped a little bit.
  • neocronneocron October 2007
    Hitboxes are bigger and recoil isn't as bad on any of the guns. Its essentially a spray fest. Flashbangs are so OP! and grenades are more powerfull but I think thats a welcome change.

    Movement in the game is a lot slower so just take your time. Competativly speaking the maps aren't that bad lots of little objects and angles on the walls to get behind that make it quite interesting.

    Don't worry though, your good on CS 1.6 you will be good on CS Source. My only advice would be to jump on some pubs and learn the maps.
  • GmnotutooGmnotutoo October 2007
    QUOTE (True Believer @ Oct 30 2007, 03:59 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I play source (never talk about it here though because everyone would just reply "FAG" or something like that)

    homo <3
  • TrueBelieverTrueBeliever October 2007
    QUOTE (Gmnotutoo @ Oct 31 2007, 01:30 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    homo <3

    ... I have to say, I did lol at that... but still...
  • waterxm04waterxm04 October 2007
    Z, it'll take aobut 2 minutes to get good at, and shotguns destroy b site in d2
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