Gotta love Joe Biden
  • GovernorGovernor May 2009
    Eh, he's not saying anything we didn't already know.
  • mungomungo May 2009
    Doesn't matter and you know that. This guy has been a loose canon and it's very hard for anyone to justify his contradictions, racey mouth, or his plain old stupidity (safe house, anyone?). It's a shame though, I figured that he'd be a shining light on Obama's presidency, but the longer I wait for that to happen, the less likely it appears to be happening.
  • GovernorGovernor May 2009
    Wait... what? Joe Biden might not be the brightest politician in Washington, and he most certainly is not the most eloquent or restrained, but I wouldn't even put him in the same vicinity as the most irresponsible and dangerous of his colleagues.

    I must have totally misunderstood your intentions by posting that article. I was assuming you were trying to start a discussion on something meaningful like the failures of quickly dealing with illegal detentions by the Obama administration. If I had known this was going to be a topic about something is unimportant as Joe Biden's personality flaws, I wouldn't have participated.
  • NunesNunes May 2009
    Media: "You WILL have terrorists in your backyard because Obama wants to close Gitmo."

    Biden: "Well, actually you will have terrorists in Supermax Prisons people who you already keep there that you'd probably consider more dangerous. Also we're still working out the details so don't get your panties in a bunch. This is complicated stuff." (Here you'd do well to take note of who was responsible for making it so complicated)

    Reporter: "Got that? Stop being hysterical and go buy a Greyhound ticket to the Supermax. Ignore the fact that I'm functionally retarded."

    Mungo: "Joe Biden is a loose cannon."

    Has the world gone mad? I fucking LOVE Joe Biden as VP. He's been good for lulz, and he's a taste of transparency.

    I figured that he'd be a shining light on Obama's presidency

    I don't believe you.
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