Troubles in the past reoccuring
  • azn+mikeazn mike June 2009
    So i thought this lag spike that I had every moment was because I lived in my old apartment. My roommate recently made a change to his DGL - 4300 two weeks ago. Everything was fine for two weeks but within the last week, the huge lag spikes returned and I have no idea what the fuck is going wrong with it. This is what I've done so far (I know all of you are CS related so I hope you can help, I've posted in the gOf forums but I figure I'll try to reach out my resources).

    I get massive lag spikes every moment or so and I know I'm lagging because I can feel it in CS and in vent I spike up to 5000 - 25000... I know it's the router because my old router a Linksys never did this to me and the moment my roommate changed it to his D-Link DGL-4300 I started having these spiking issues (I had these before but i'm too lazy to look it up...)

    So is there anything I can do to fix this annoying problem? Because I can't have conversations in vent and I can't play in any games...

    I recently made my change from XP to Windows 7 in hopes that would solve the problem but nope, it didn' any thoughts? HALP!

    so...let's see...

    Tried to do the whole port forwarding by using the site

    I created a static IP address, figured out my primary and secondary DNS go my MAC address and all and made sure that I created ports for Ventrillo and counterstrike...yet I'm still spiking to 15000 on ventrillo...

    I'm pretty much lost at this point. When I create a static IP it doesn't work, when I'm using dynamic IP it doesn't work...go me?

    Edit: 9:55pm

    Changed it back to dynamic IP, portforwarded everything to my IP on the router...still nothing. ARG!

    Any enlightenment? I am so confused right now lol...
  • November 2009 Edit
    in the beginning of the game, i cant get into the castle because the whole world is DARK so i have no idea where i am going i have a lamp, but im not able to use it yet due to no magic power...does anyone know whats wrong?
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