Pugging interest?
  • redboneredbone October 2009
    I've recently gotten back into playing cs every once in a while and was curious to see how many people would be interested in pugging. This wouldn't be a team, just seeing if it would be realistic to find a group of people to do scrims with.

    The plan would be to have a group of friends where we could develop at least a working knowledge of playing together, and potentially have more fun than would happen in a typical pug where the only coordination that occurs is 'okay 3-2 A guys' or 'rush B'.

    That being said, I don't really care what your skill level is, and I want this to be open to everyone, and be fairly laid back. I just ask that you be willing to make an effort to play as a team, communicate, listen to calls, and have fun.
  • LethaLLethaL October 2009
    myself, skillz ,smack, ebola and jono we have an esea team 2 months ago but never actually had the chance to play or anything because skillz lost his internet connection and he is rumoured to be back soon. esea is $6 per month ok its not everyone who can pay this but skill wise and serious wise esea scrim are the best you can get becuase you pay ofr it and you need to get on the anti-cheat to play. At first we wanted to be serious and enter esea league but right now to day i am not sure but if you want i'm sure you could easily join the team and we could probably get some scrims and etc, i'm sure they wouldn't mind
  • monkmonk February 2010
    is there still a team going, even a group of people pugging/pubbing?
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