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  • PotatoPotato November 2007
    i have just gotten hired at my first job. im going to be an employee of gamestop. i know alot of the crew there, so it should be a good time. share your stories about your first jobs, or current jobs, or anything work like.
  • TrueBelieverTrueBeliever November 2007
    I also worked at a GameStop for a while

    My first job was at Dairy Queen though
  • xemplarxemplar November 2007
    I work at Wal-Mart....lawl.
  • JonobonoJonobono November 2007
    Got my first job at a big grocery store as a stock boy. About 2 weeks in they told me one of my responsibilities would be to clean the restroom. I replied with a firm "this job isn't for me." Ironically the same store would hire me about a year later as a deli person, and a cashier.

    I current answer phones for an emergency answering service.
  • GovernorGovernor November 2007
    When I was a freshman in high school, I got a job at nearby Italian Market. I worked there for four years, and it was one of the most influential and generally best experiences of my life.
  • redboneredbone November 2007
    <---- worked for my dad as a handyman doing a wide variety of home repair/remodeling-ish things.
  • scrubblescrubble November 2007
    i worked at Stop and Shop. it was a pretty good time.
  • KPKP November 2007
    My first real job was at a local cafe, making smoothies, food, coffee, and working the register. Wasn't a bad first job and the pay was under the table!

    Second Job worked at wies in the produce department...really easy, no boss really.

    Next summer moved to the cashier.....that sucked

    Worked at school tech support.....easiest job in the world

    Did a stink at Blockbuster

    Currently working at a nuclear power plant doing finance/accounting.

    I hate gamestop but it could be fun if you don't mind pushing reservations and such...
  • AlfyAlfy November 2007
    I did maintenance. at my Grandparents resort they own on a lake here in MI. Did from the age of 12 up through college. It is was seasonal, so I had other jobs during the winter.
  • JAmmYJAmmY November 2007

    Best job ever. If you like long hours, and hard work.
  • sac916sac916 November 2007
    Stucco Applicator. Must love long hours, 100 degree weather, and applying mud to houses. Also must enjoy climbing on scaffolding that will fall over sometimes because the people you work with aren't the most intelligent people.

    Least I made $15/hour, made the job worth it.
  • coffeecoffee November 2007
    1st job - A & W cook/bitch
    2nd - data entry for vehicle operations
    current - geophysical & engineering technologist
  • MagicMagic November 2007
    First -- I worked at the foodcourt in the Minnesota Zoo for 3 months (I was 15 and that was the only job I could find that would hire people under 16).

    Second -- Soon as I turned 16 I got a job at a small bookstore -- worked there throughout High School and did nothing but goof off.

    Third -- I worked at Sam's Club my first couple years in college

    Fourth -- Property Management Company as their Accountant for the last years in college

    Fifth -- Internal Auditor at KPMG
  • BlueBoxBobBlueBoxBob November 2007
    Grocerie Packer at a "IGA", salary can't go over 8$ / hour which is the minimum salary established by the government .... I won't stay there for the summer I think, been working there since July 2006 and yeah it was my first job.
  • WedgeWedge November 2007
    first - subway sandwhich artist. woot

    current - emergency police/fire dispatcher

    on a side note i took my first call for a dead person, only 45 years old. younger then my mother. thats scary
  • jkarate212jkarate212 November 2007
    first- icecream scooper at an icecream stand on the beach
    second- busser at an italian resturaunt
  • JonobonoJonobono November 2007
    QUOTE (Wedge @ Nov 3 2007, 06:47 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    first - subway sandwhich artist. woot

    current - emergency police/fire dispatcher

    on a side note i took my first call for a dead person, only 45 years old. younger then my mother. thats scary

    I answer phones for non emergency businesses as well. Got a call on a housing firm from a woman in India. She said her daughter wouldn't answer the telephone and it wasn't like her to not be there for the call. We contacted the building manager. About 15 minutes later we got a call on a funeral line asking them to come pick up the dead body of a 25 year old woman. Exact same address. Fortunatly this kind of call doesnt' phase me anymore. Had to take this call my first week of work and it messed me up for a while.
  • Australian+WitchAustralian Witch November 2007
    My first real job was working for a company called Electrosystems. They make blood gas machines, and I was one of the people that made the replacement tubing kits.

    Now I work at a YMCA as front desk bitch/camp counselor.
  • azn+mikeazn mike November 2007
    go dishwasher lol...><
  • MeatonMeaton November 2007
    1st job was doing all your moms

    2nd job was owning gachi at life

    3rd job takeing over the world LOL
  • CheezzypoofCheezzypoof November 2007
    1st job was working at a pizza hut call center. Took orders, put them in the computer. A monkey could do it... the managers liked me though and usually once a week I got to call other pizza huts and place fake orders just to make sure they were working the phones correctly. Always loved the accents I'd use.

    Currently at Damon's as a server.

    Future: Flight instructor in about a year, and into the airlines a year after that.
  • BudweiserBudweiser November 2007
    My first job was at Epko Inc.

    It was a small family owned top of the line Camera / Audio Visual store, I was 15, I think it was 1973, and was in heaven because of this dream job.

    My main responsability was camera repair, then sales. The owner took a liking to me and I was learning Cameras & photography exponentially. He would send me home with Lica's, Hasablad's, Nikon's to shoot rolls of film and learn them inside and out.

    We carried a most everything, cameras, developing supplies. I soon was processing my own B&W, Color slides, and color print (wich was new to the consumer maket at the time), and doing prints and enlargements to 11X17.

    I became very good at minor camera repair, but sent most of the cameras off to warranty or other proffesional repair shops, we made alot of $$$$ just on this little enterprize.

    They had some really new shit....cutting edge Sony Betamax Video recorder machines! 30 minutes record time for only $4,000.

    Of course I was the top High School photographer, many photos in the yearbooks, even managed a "A" in photojournalizm class.
  • Retr0%5ERetr0^ November 2007
    I worked at an ice cream place from 13 years old to 16 years old. Then I started at Scholotzsky's Deli, 3 months later I was the manager at the deli, and remained so until I graduated from high-school. I'm currently going to school and thankfully un-employed... until the summer when I will be a pharmacist technician
  • carto0ncarto0n November 2007
    worked as a stockboy at my aunts liquer store....i was the booze man in H.S.
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