Two games I really recommend
  • GmnotutooGmnotutoo October 2009
    Bioware, my favorite gaming company, has been working on Dragon Age for the better part of 4 years and it comes out on Tuesday. I am totally psyched for this game with people claiming it be better than Kotor, so my expectations are incredibly high as I am.

    Other game is this weird multiplayer space fps shooter, where you have a rocket jet and you can walk up walls. is the website. Its cheap for a game.
  • PheylanPheylan November 2009
    For anyone interested, I got and have been playing Dragon Age for the last few days and it is a really well put together game. I highly recommend it.
  • 0%3Duid%28root%290=uid(root) November 2009
    need you in bf2 plox
  • PheylanPheylan November 2009
    We obviously have some very poor admins. What the hell are you people doing on at 11:24 PM on Friday night that you can't troll the forums enough to delete this spammers? Sheesh.
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