Whats that program?
  • monkmonk November 2009
    First visit here in a long time. nice to see this place still around and many of same people it seems.
    I need help,
    I can't remember the program that finds you your servers, used it in cal matches to connect instead of won shit I don't remember if the timings right maybe it was instead of steam I dont know.. either way it lets you browse public servers by east/mid/west etc. and server stats are live up to date by the seconds.. I
  • GovernorGovernor November 2009
  • monkmonk November 2009
    Yes thats it, thank you. When was last BBQ/Lan? is that an long gone age?
  • LethaLLethaL November 2009
    as far as i remember the last lanbq was last june

  • BrianBrian November 2009
    Better not be an age long gone.
  • NunesNunes November 2009
    QUOTE (Brian @ Nov 16 2009, 07:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Better not be an age long gone.

    The time of quarterly LanBQ's is long dead. Unless the young'uns who are now in college wanted to start that up again. Nowadays it sort of happens when it can. Meh.

    /pokes 18 - 21 year olds with stick.
  • 0%3Duid%28root%290=uid(root) November 2009
    cs is dead!
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