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  • monkmonk November 2007
    I recently decide to finally get back into cs, but I can never, ever play. Steam decides it is going to update literally EVERY single time I start it up (a usual cycle of every 12 hours) and play some cs. The update doesnt seem to be freezing either, as it sucks a consistent 60-100+kb/s for about 20 minutes EVERY TIME.. Something is obviously not right here, the amount of time and bandwidth used by those updates are ridiculous given how often it happens. I can understand an update like that every month - 3 months, but holy fucking shit EVERY time i try to play cs? something is def wrong. Anyone else experience this or know what is going on?
  • crazyd1415crazyd1415 November 2007
    it happens a lot lately. I guess it is normal.
  • redboneredbone November 2007
    I usually don't have anything that bad. It updates for me once every few weeks and is usually done fairly quickly (maybe a min or so?)
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