• NunesNunes December 2009
    The article sucks. The thread is win. Hence Forum de Awesome.

    I heard that after you finish running the iBuchanan, it splits into two programs.

    My iReagan deregulated all my other apps and now all my apps are in Chinese.

    I bought the iLincoln, and when I hit up a YouTube video, it always dies about halfway through.

    I tried the iFord, but I drop the damn thing every time I walk down the stairs.

    I tried the iWilliamHenryHarrison, and was very disappointed. It took almost two hours to start when I installed it, and then totally crapped out after about a month.

    iBush2.0 really sucks. The other day, it did nothing after it got advance warning of a malicious malware attack. And then after the first crash, it hung up for almost 8 minutes before it did anything.

    Something kind of weird happened to my iKennedy install. I tried to open it the other day, and it had apparently been broken and removed by an illegal process. I ran the diagnostic, and it determined that it had been terminated by a Trojan working from within a Kindle emulator. I'm not sure I believe that. Seems to me like it would have taken a lot more attacks than that to wipe out such a powerful program, but whatever.

    I'm a little suspicious of this app called "Grass/eKnoll" that seems to have popped up out of nowhere. a lot of people are talking about in some forums, but nobody seems to be able to prove anything. I keep running this patch called "Zapper-Rooter," but even that just complicates the whole thing with more questions.

    The irritating thing is that it installed something called "ElbyJay" in its place. So far, I can't really tell what it does. All I know is it's a lot less user-friendly, and doesn't have as good-looking of an interface. I guess I'll see if it measures up, but I doubt it'll be as good.

    I downloaded the iZacharyTaylor and it pretty much sucks.
    You think that's bad, I paid for the iWHHarrison, and it crashed after a month.

    I will say that the iSherman app gives me great recipes for Southern BBQ.

    The iObama only comes in black. While the iJefferson only occasionally comes in black.
  • JeddHamptonJeddHampton December 2009
    I bought an iClinton, but I keep finding it in my girlfriend's pants. For the few minutes that I've been able to use it, I've discovered it lacked the definition of "is" in its dictionary, and it seems to be missing the "inhale" app.

    I had to get rid of my iNixon. I found that it was spying on me whenever I stayed in a hotel on vacation. It was a bit upsetting, it lasted longer than any other model.

    I still question their decision to bring back the iGCleveland.

    I'd love to use my iRoosevelt more, but it seems to have problems moving around...
  • NunesNunes December 2009
    Weird, my iCleveland app just duplicates my tweets but waits to post the second time until there's a reply.
  • BrianBrian December 2009
    "The iCheney app shot me in the face."

    Yeah, so did my iClinton app.

    I laughed.
  • yarrick22yarrick22 December 2009
    I like the iGun app...

    ..a little off-topic, but funny nonetheless
  • BrianBrian December 2009
    Posted that shit on my facebook forever ago. In fact, Jesus rode by on his dinosaur just to recommend it.
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