Will be Laptop shopping very soon. Need advice.
  • JonobonoJonobono November 2007
    I bought a laptop in May of 06, and thoroughly enjoyed it for about 6 month. Considering I paid about $1500 for it to be a gaming laptop I expected it to last me a number of prosperous year. Following the 6 months of joyous use, it started acting funny. Funny as in, it would shut off randomly from overheating. It would get extremely slow for hours at a time, and it just started to become an expensive paper weight. I purchased it from a company who i was told was respectable and would give me good value. Little did I know, they sucked dick, and really sent me a crappy machine. I didn't do my homework regarding the company, and found out they were notorious at finding loop holes out of warrentees, and exact model of machine i had purchased was known to be a dud. My phone calls were futile as about 6 months ago they sold to a company in China, and speaking to someone who knows english requires hours of waiting as they undoubtedly fly someone across the pacific ocean while you stay on hold. The BBB gave them a poor rating and I somehow missed all this, blinded by the thoughts of getting a nice computer.

    Now that I've vented on the issue, I need to find a new laptop as the one I own has taken its last breath.

    I am to the point where i just want to buy a name brand laptop, based on the logic that a name brand company didn't become a name brand with bad customer service. I'm no longer interested in getting a gaming one. I pretty much want something that will store my music, play dvds and allow portable use for schooling and such. With such low standards, I'd hope to pay $500-1000 for such a machine, BUT, I do expect it to last longer than 16 month. Lets shoot for three years.

    Please offer company names, unique experiences and any professional advise, as it will greatly impact my choice in purchases. Links would be nice too here, considering I'm a bit illiterate to new technologies.
  • JonobonoJonobono November 2007
    After a little bit of research myself, I believe i'd like to stay on the $500-$600 spectrum. I wasn't aware I could get the type of machine I wanted for that $500.

    These specs would be nice:
    15.4 inch screen
    120+ gig HD
    1gb ram
    XP home or Pro (None of that vista bull shit)
    A dedicated graphics card

    and again, customer service is going to be my selling point.

    Briefly looked at:

    These are all preliminary searchs. Tell me what is good and bad with these. Also, what do you think about running vista (if i had to) on 512mb of ram? Would I regret that?
  • carto0ncarto0n November 2007
    buy one that cant run wow.....SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!
  • Retr0%5ERetr0^ November 2007
    honestly... i couldn't survive with less than 1 gig of ram... and even then it seems sluggish to me. I run 4 gigs of ram on 64 bit vista and I have no problems...512 on vista is most likely pushing it.
  • JonobonoJonobono November 2007
    Thats what my desktop is for Cartoon, pfft.

    Yeah, I know shorting yourself on ram is one of the worst mistakes you can make. 1 gig would be enough for vista though, correct?
  • 0%3Duid%28root%290=uid(root) November 2007
    get something you know will have a good warranty.

    if you're getting a pc laptop make sure they can load xp on it.

    you don't want vista. ever.
  • dandan November 2007
    Run linux.

  • GovernorGovernor November 2007
    Spend more for a macbook pro. Don't buy crap.
  • PheylanPheylan November 2007
    Just get a Dell.

  • I+just+farted+%3D%29I just farted =) November 2007
    hp has failed me. image/sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />
  • jump3rjump3r November 2007
    I've had this HP laptop for 1 year now. Centrino Duo @1.6GHz, 1.5GB RAM, and 120GB HDD. Oh, and the DVD-RDL drive. It came with XP and was awesome. This year, I loaded Vista on it, and right now as I'm typing this, it says "835MB/1525MB" for my RAM usage. This is with having 5 programs running in the foreground (MS Word and PowerPoint, IE, MSN). So 512 RAM on Visa? No way. 1GB on XP will do you wonders. When my sister bought hers back in August, it was about $699CAN ($746.8815US) on sale.

    Oh, and both 15.4" screens.

    I also found http://www.notebookcheck.net/. Sorry, but I had no time to actually check out the site to see if it's worthwhile, but could be useful!
  • AlfyAlfy November 2007
    Get a MacBook Pro.

    Makes a very nice windows machine. Comes with OS X to boot.
  • PotatoPotato November 2007
    yeah seriously, if you're going to get a laptop, might as well get a macbook.
  • 0%3Duid%28root%290=uid(root) November 2007
    i got a macbook. but i don't load windows on it because i'd rather lick a 53° motion over some fat dude's ballbag.

    in turn, jono buy a macbook and let it run wow @ 40fps. and it looks sick
  • scrubblescrubble November 2007
    this is a good deal. you might want update the video card and bluetooth though.

    Dell Home has Inspiron E1405 Core 2 Duo based laptop for a base price of $994 - $445 coupon NLN?7$5B67M?93 + $50 gift card on purchases up to $998 (or $100 on $999 - $1248 purchases) = $549 with free shipping. Thanks persian_mafia

    If you add at least $5 worth of upgrades (as confiugured below), you will get a $100 gift card instead

    1. Click here
    2. Select the following options
    1. Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Internal (2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate) [add $20]
    3. Checkout, apply coupon code NLN?7$5B67M?93
    4. Your total will be $569 or $552 if you pay with Dell Preferred Account

    Alternative good upgrades to get over $998 for $100 gift card

    * Intel PRO/Wireless 3945a/g [add $25]
    * 85 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery [add $50]

    To get an additional 3% off using your Dell Preferred Account (DPA) discount:

    1. During checkout, select Credit Card as method of payment
    2. Click "Change Payment Type"
    3. Click "Choose" link under Credit/Debit Card
    4. Under "Save 3% with Dell Preferred Account! (Discount applied at Final Checkout)" click "Click Here to Take Advantage of this Offer" link
    5. Click "Choose" under "I already have a Dell Preferred Account" if you have one, or sign up for a new one if you don't
    6. Checkout, enjoy your 3% savings


    * Get a $100 Gift Card on systems $999 - $1248 (cards to arrive in 6-8 weeks)
    * Intel Core 2 Duo processor T5300 (2MB Cache/1.73GHz/533MHz FSB)
    * Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
    * 14.1 inch Wide Screen XGA Display
    * 2GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHZ, 2 DIMM
    * 120GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
    * 8X CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) with double-layer DVD+R write capability
    * Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
    * Integrated Audio
    * 53 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery
    * Intel PRO/Wireless 3945a/g
    * 1Yr Ltd Warranty and Mail-In Service
    * Integrated 10/100 Network Card and Modem
  • crazyd1415crazyd1415 November 2007
    whatever you get don't get it loaded with vista. every computer we have at work is xp. if it comes with vista we load xp on it. or some distro of linux.
  • I'd suggest either a MacBook pro, a Dell XPS, or some flavor of Alienware. I've played around with all three, and they're all nice.
  • ErlingErling November 2007
    Vista sucks.
  • scrubblescrubble November 2007
    vista is fine.
  • GovernorGovernor November 2007
    We recently looked into upgrading to vista at work, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth it. Basically, it wouldn't improve our utilization of the computers and would be far too costly in terms of resources.

    Actually, I think this is worthy of a separate thread (mostly because I'm curious).
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