Free Cruise Scam
  • NunesNunes February 2010
    I have received a voucher in the mail for a free cruise for two to Nassau from Ft. Lauderdale. I'll scan a copy into the thread later.

    Toll free number. Called it.

    VOICE: Welcome, this call may be recorded, blah blah (it's a human not a recording) may I have your confirmation number?

    ME: My what? I received a mailing saying that I received a free cruise. I haven't gotten a number yet, I don't think.

    VOICE: It's on the voucher.

    ME: Oh. *gives number*

    VOICE: please hold.

    VOICE: Melissa from Minnesota?

    ME: Nope.

    VOICE: please hold.

    VOICE: Andrew from Delaware?

    ME: You got it.

    *He advertises the sweet ass cruise that I heard advertised in the hold recording... and says*

    VOICE: There is a charge of 108 dollars per passenger for port taxes and fees once that is covered we can get you your ---

    ME: Excuse me? The voucher says I owe 59 dollars per passenger, are you sure you read that right?

    VOICE: Yes. The 59 dollars covers port taxes, there are additional fees and --

    ME: Whatever. It's weird that it's exactly double. How does this work again?

    VOICE: Well when we finish here you just call 30 days in advance you your planned trip. There are blackout weekends on December 20th to December 22nd and April 14th to 16th. We accept your voucher and forward it to the cruise line which will mail you your tickets within the week. You will enjoy 2 days on our luxuri--

    ME: Do I have to pay those fees now then?

    VOICE: That's right sir, may I have your number then so we can complete the transaction?

    ME: Right. Well I'd like to do some more research about some things before I commit to something like this.

    VOICE: What are your concerns?

    *Draws a blank, remembers a news story I read earlier*

    ME: Well just last month 400 passengers on a cruise ship caught the nolovirus. I don't want the nolovirus, I'd like to do some more reading.

    VOICE: You don't have to worry about that.

    ME: Yeah, whatever. Well I'd like some time to think about it. Can I call back in an hour or two?

    VOICE: Let me hand you off to a service rep. Can you hold?

    ME: Sure.

    REP: Hello. I hear you have some questions?

    ME: Well, not exactly. I have some things I'd like to research before I commit a couple hundred dollars to something, that's all.

    REP: Well is the money the problem? We can help with that. There are--

    ME: No. I just don't want to do this right now. I called to see whether there was even something at the other end of the phone number, really. Can I call you later tonight? The voucher says your lines are open until 11pm.

    REP: I'm sorry sir, but due to demand we have to limit customers to one call per voucher. I can put you on hold while you look some things up. Our website is --

    ME: Listen. No thanks. I appreciate the off but I'm not interested. Have a nice day.

    Looked it up. There is no such thing as Caribbean Cruise Line. Caribbean Cruise Canada does, but denies this is them. The cruise line you are thinking of is called Royal Caribbean.

    First off, thoughts?

    Second, just thought people should know, in case they get one of these, that I think they just wanted my cc# so they could fleece me.
  • carto0ncarto0n February 2010
    i got the same shit....i asked my parents who went on a cruise a few months ago if maybe they signed my name on some contest thing for a free cruise or whatever and they denied it. it looked too fishy so i threw it out.
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