Malisk's server
  • LethaLLethaL March 2010
    Hi everyone, Malisk decided to get a cs server up and running, its located in chicago, illinois, the server has no mods installed on except simple stats and normal amx, no weapons are restricted and of course its 24/7 assault.

    We would appreciate if the cs players remaining in this comunnity to help us populate it, hopefully we could get a decent server going and have some fun and in the case of the server not getting population well malisk will just cancel the subscription

    server ip is :

    Feel free to play anytime you want, tell your friends, the more we can contact and get to play the better, i'm sure that if we can get some population on the server then malisk will most likely not cancel his subscription, any type of help will be greatly appreciated
  • BlueBoxBobBlueBoxBob March 2010
    Hi Michel.
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