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    Phillip walked in wearing only his red striped polo shirt and faded bluejeans, taking advantage of the great weather. The church was empty, save for only Saunders and a janitor who was on his way out for the night, as it should've been on a Thursday. Phillip was very nervous and couldn’t seem to put his confession into the right words. When he approached the confessional, his heart skipped a beat and he froze.

    “Look man, you have to do this.” He thought to himself as he neared the small door.

    He was beginning to perspire, but he soon thought of what a gentle and forgiving person Father Saunders was. Even if homosexuality was sinful and denounced by the church, he knew his priest would understand. With this newfound confidence, Phillip entered the confessional. He knelt down, and a recognizable hand opened the small window. A recognizable voice was soon heard.

    “Tell me your sins my child.” Spoke Father Saunders in a gentle manner.

    “It’s Phillip Williamson.” Phillip stated.

    “Phillip? Is everything all right, I’ve never thought I’d see you here? Are your parents fine, I heard a silly rumor a while back that they were getting divorced? I discarded it as false, and I sure hope that I wasn’t wrong.”

    “No, no my mom and dad are just fine. This is actually about me. And I really don’t know how to put this.”

    “Well whatever it is, the Lord is forgiving.”

    “Over the past few months, I’ve been dating some girls-.”

    “I see, you’ve been having pre-marital sexual intercourse.” Said Father Saunders cutting in.

    “Well I haven’t had actual sex yet, but that isn’t my confession. You see, when I’m with these girls, I don’t feel anything a normal guy would feel, if you no what I mean.”

    “I see.”

    “And a week or so ago, I found my self surprisingly aroused by a guy pleasuring himself. So my confession is that I think I’m gay.” Added Phillip who now had a look of dejection, embarrassment and even fear on his face.

    “This is a very difficult thing to admit, and I see why you came to me and not your parents. One of your father’s only negative traits is that he isn’t a man who accepts things that he perceives as awkward and different. Let’s step outside and sit on the pugh, I can see you came not just to get this off your chest, but you need some guidance as well.”

    “Yes, that would be nice.” Said a slightly less nervous Phillip.

    “It will be.” Replied Father Saunders who gave Phillip a warm, grandfatherly grin.

    The two walked out of the confessional and Phillip who gave his priest a small look of relief. Father Saunders was a man with a grandfatherly quality, for he was sixty-one years old, with slightly balding grayish-white hair. He returned the Phillip’s look with another warm grin. Phillip was led to the pugh second from the front where the two sat.

    “Now let’s get right to it, no need lingering. When you saw this man self-gratifying himself, was this the first time another man ever aroused you in the slightest way?” asked Saunders.

    “Yes it was.” Answered Phillip.

    “Have you ever done anything to satisfy to homosexual arousals other than I’m assuming masturbating?”


    “Then how can come to such a solid conclusion that you’re gay?”

    “Well when you do the things I’ve done to such hot girls, virtually all guys my age would instantly cum, whereas it takes me a considerably long time to feel even the slightest hint of arousal something isn’t right. That and, I see one slimy, hard dick and my own tool thinks it just become the Empire State Building.”

    “Well have you ever physically done anything sexual with another man?


    “You can’t say you’re gay unless you’ve experienced another man.”

    “So you’re saying Father that I ought to have sex with a guy, see if I liked it and then come back for more advice?”

    “You cannot know if you are or aren’t something if you haven’t walked the path. Now of course I’m not telling you have sex with a random guy because of course it won’t be enjoyable then. Any kind of sex is only enjoyable if you do it with someone you care about.”

    “But if I asked any guy I knew to even hug me, the rumor of my homosexuality would travel through my school, the entire town and inevitably my parents. I can’t do this.”

    Father Saunders put his hand on Phillip’s thigh and squeezed it. He looked directly in his eyes.

    “As a priest, it is my duty to help troubled, misguided people, especially teens. I’ve done many things, right and wrong to help them and show them the way. And I would like to help you.” Said Father Saunders.

    “Father?” Replied a confused Phillip.

    “The only way for you to figure this out for yourself is to make love with a man and see if you enjoy it. I’ve known you for a very long time and we are very close. Of anyone you know to do this with who will keep this as discreet as humanly possible as well make this an experience that will definitely give you your desired answer, I am the only one. Before you speak, thing about this and accept it as true.”

    Phillip sat there for what seemed to him like an eternity. He had this opportunity to put these scattered pieces of his life together and break out of this uneasy feeling uncertainty. He looked into his priest’s eyes, the same priest who baptized him and embraced him in a deep, passionate kiss.

    “This won’t be comfortable nor good for my back if we stay on this pugh, let’s go to my chambers.” Said Father Saunders.

    They walked hastily to Father Saunders’ private chamber, where he did his work. Situated against the back wall was a scarlet velvet couch. Father Saunders picked Phillip up and placed him upon the sofa. They made out for what seemed like hours, but was in truth only ten minutes. Father Saunders arose and toke off his robe, and was wearing his pants with his dress shirt.

    “This is to help you Phillip. What do you want me to do to you?” asked Saunders.

    “First, lets strip each other.” Was Phillip’s answer.

    Father Saunders first went on top of Phillip as he had when he made out with him. He kissed his neck lovingly as he pulled off Phillip’s polo shirt. When that was removed, he sucked Phillip’s hard nipples as he moved to remove the bluejeans. With ease they were removed and Phillip was left in his plaid boxers.

    “Now stop for now. I want to pleasure you now.” Said Phillip who was harder and hornier than any previous moment in his life.

    “Oh do whatever you’d like Phillip. This is all for you.” Said a giddy Father Saunders.

    Phillip sat the priest down on the sofa and began stripping him of his pants. The thought that he was about to suck off a man, something he had never thought of up until a month ago, never bothered him. It also didn’t bother him that this was his loving priest, who was forty-three years his senior. When Phillip finally pulled down Father Saunders’ boxers, a seven and a half-inch, super thick beast of a cock, already dripping with precum was before him.

    “Take it all in your mouth Phillip.” Remarked Saunders.

    “Oh fucking God I will.” Replied Phillip.

    Phillip bobbed his virgin mouth onto the cock, initially deep-throating three inches of the meat. Father Saunders was soon enjoying by far his greatest blowjob. It was astonishing that Phillip was a true rookie at his. For the first five minutes, he bobbed his head up and down as he had started. His answers were groping the old priest’s inner thighs and hamstrings. Phillip gradually proceeded to licking up and down the shaft and kissing the tiny drops of emitting precum. When he moved to sucking and licking Saunders’ balls he gently stroked the tower, and slapped away Saunders’ hands who were hell bent on jacking off the dick and reaching what was certain to be one fucking hell of an orgasm.

    “Don’t you dare try that Father.” Said Phillip shewing off Father Saunders’ hands as he took a rare break from massaging Saunders’ left testicle with his tongue.

    “Oh Lord! Oh God! Oh Fuck!” Was all Father Saunders could say as the blowjob’s pleasure put him into a state where rational thought couldn’t be attained.

    Phillip knew based on his priest’s mindless words that a hot load of cum to the face was coming very soon if he didn’t cease the blowjob.

    “I don’t want you to cum yet.” Phillip said.

    “Oh I wasn’t gonna.” Said Saunders slowly regaining sense.

    “Don’t lie.” Replied Phillip with a devilish grin on his face.

    “Looks like you’re gay after all.”

    “I’m as gay as come it looks like.”

    “I see you saved my first and most potent orgasm for that virgin ass of yours.”

    “You couldn’t have been more right.”

    Before the two said anything else they kissed once more, although this one lacked the sweet sensuality of their one on the pugh. This one was fiery and raw. Both of them stripped the other in a heated, barbaric way and the two sweaty, sticky, horny men went back to the couch. Saunders left Phillip there momentarily and went to his desk.

    “Oh please don’t get a condom.” Said Phillip desperately, “ I want your sweet, hot cum to fill my ass and not go spoiled in some stupid rubber sac.”

    “If that’s what you want. All of this is for you, anything you desire, I will give you.” Reassured Saunders.

    “Also, with your meat the way it is, drenched in precum, lube doesn’t seem necessary.”

    “Yeah. The less “extra stuff” we use, the more intense and natural this will be. And you need this to be as real and natural as it gets.”

    Saunders walked away from the desk carefully, making sure nothing made his throbbing organ shoot its precious load at any time before it was supposed to be. He positioned Phillip over the arm of the sofa, so his tight little ass faced up prepared for the pinnacle action of homosexual passion. Saunders knelt on the cushion and positioned himself so his cock could fuck Phillip’s ass with the least possible effort.

    “Are you ready.” Said a maddeningly horny Saunders.

    “If I’m not as ready as I am now, I’ll never be ready.” Phillip remarked, “And remember fuck me hard and raw, don’t get gentle even if I start crying.”

    Father Saunders nodded, put his old hands upon Phillip’s shoulders and put his cockhead right to the front of his sex partner’s anal cavity just to tease him. In Phillip’s mind, he was in ecstasy picturing his loving priest and his old, sweaty body fucking him, in what was about to be the first time he had enjoyed sex with anyone. This thought was interrupted when he felt Saunders’ meat crash into his bowels. He wanted to scream in pain, but instead screams of a different type came out of his mouth.

    “Fuck me! Oh God Fuck me! Fuck me like a little faggot slut! Oh God I love you Father! Fuck me!” Phillip screamed.

    Father Saunders realized this was out of more pain than pleasure, so he still fucked the teen as deep, but more gently. Soon Phillip’s moans became pleasurable, as he had quickly grown accustomed to the heavenly full feeling of another man’s cock in his ass. Phillip took deep breaths to delay the inevitable blissful orgasm as he heard great moans of pleasure coming from the old man popping his delicate cherry. Soon Phillip asked to be turned on his back so the two current lovers could face eye to eye when they came. This was done and Father Saunders sensing he was close picked up the pace creating simultaneous moans of excitement and anticipation from the two men.

    “I’m getting close!” cried Father Saunders as he viciously pumped his cock continually in an out of the former virgin’s bowels.

    “Jack my cock off! Jack my cock off!” barked Phillip who too sensed both he and his lover were near.

    With his right hand, Father Saunders cupped Phillip’s smaller five-inch cock and began violently stroking it as if someone with a gun to his face was ordering him too. For another minute or so Saunders continued fucking the hell out of the little slut until Phillip made the fateful announcement.

    “Holy Fuck! I’m cuuummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnngggggggg!!!!!!!”

    Out of his dick shot massive loads of hot cum that landed partly in Saunders’ hair and on Phillip’s chest. He shot four loads that were more massive than any in his life, and three others that rivaled his former best. Witnessing the actual end of Phillip’s virginity and massive explosion of man juice ended Father Saunders’ superhuman stamina that had lasted nearly an hour from when Phillip first bobbed on his cock. And then an orgasm with the potency neither thought could occur shot from the priest’s tower logged deep in Phillip’s bowels.

    “Get ready! Here it cuuuuuummmmmmssss!” shouted the priest.

    As wave after collosal wave of cum filled Phillip’s deep crevices, Father Saunders’ whole body gyrated in absolute pleasure. To Phillip’s surprise he again shot a massive loaded which surely drained his testicles. Both men were sweaty and exhausted. They fell to the floor and embraced once again in a kiss that was this time like the one they experienced in the pugh.

    “I guess we found out you’re gay.” Chuckled Father Saunders.

    They laughed and kissed once more. The rest of that night until the time Phillip had to leave before his parents became suspicious, the two explored all the pleasures and fruits of homosexuality and exploded into many more violent orgasms. They departed with a great hug as Father Saunders told Phillip he had found his place and if need be, he could live with him for both safety and pleasure.

    In the following week, with Phillip knowing he was completely gay wrote a letter to his parents stating this. Before Phillip’s dad had the opportunity to hunt him down, Phillip moved in with Father Saunders at his rectory. Later that summer, the two and Saunders’ unsuspecting wife, who though Phillip was simply abandoned by his parents, moved to Duluth, where Saunders had taken a new job. The priest paid for Phillip’s tuition to the University of Minnesota. But when Phillip departed for college that autumn, it was not the end of their adventures together.
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    too long; didn't read.

    it's also fatal's birthday!
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    Happy Birfdaze.
  • NunesNunes March 2010

    /What about Biff?
  • AlfyAlfy March 2010
    So, I took the time to read some of that...

  • coffeecoffee March 2010
    z lives in a floating volcano in the middle of the ocean. he doesn't have wifi yet.

    also you should change the first sentence of that story. i read it and knew the rest was going to be absolutely gay because only fags wear that
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