Show off your work center.
  • PheylanPheylan March 2010
    I think there was another thread a while back for people to show their work/play/computer area. I couldn't find it so here's the second round of it.

    Just finished this today. Starts with a Digital Storm custom desktop rig with dual monitors. Behind that is a Sony laptop that is connected to the 40" Samsung 1080p. Laptop gives the TV BlueRay and streaming HD internet for Hulu, etc. The laptop can be accessed with a wireless mouse and keyboard that hang out in the book case behind me. Wireless printer under the laptop and 1 terabyte hard drive next to the laptop. And finally the TV has digital cable. Fun times ahead! image/smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />

  • mungomungo March 2010
    Sick desk buddy, where'd you get it?
  • JAmmYJAmmY March 2010
    QUOTE (mungo @ Mar 25 2010, 05:22 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Sick desk buddy, where'd you get it?

    Desk?? Fuck, I want to know where he got that sick dresser! (and candles)
  • PheylanPheylan March 2010
    Fuck yeah man. That was my grandma's dresser. Thing's older then I am.

    And the desk is courtesy Walmart. $100 for the desk and smaller side table the laptop is on.
  • jkarate212jkarate212 April 2010
    Damn, that's a very impressive setup
  • NunesNunes April 2010
    Heh. I just considered taking a picture of my "workstation", but it would likely come off as me showing off the colection of glassware scattered on the card table I use.

    That set up looks nice and easy to break down. Which I'm sure is a plus.
  • coffeecoffee April 2010
    that is a sick looking desk
  • woerwoer April 2010
    The evolution of my workspace! (When I pulled out the camera I haven't used in about five years, I saw the other pics, so I thought it'd be fun to compare them.)

    Freshman year:

    Sophomore year (The pinnacle! I miss those twin 70lb+ 22" CRTs)

    ...Now: (Since I never use cameras, I didn't think about turning another light on, but it came out pretty cool, IMO.)


    That rack has five external hard drives (I'm somewhere around 4-5tb now and within 1tb of being full), modem, and a wired/wireless router. Beneath is windex (for the icemat) and many stacks of CDs and DVDs, including a Hotspur CD--one of two purchased albums I own).
  • this is my command center.


    -shitty asus laptop (got for free; someone spilled beer on my macbook pro @ last house party)
    -dice (idk what they are for)
    -cable remote
    -wifebeater (shirtless)
    -1 ps3 controller (not charged)

    picture taken by: iphone
    not pictured: iphone (core component of work setup)

    this is where i spend most of my time when im home (not often)

  • mungomungo April 2010

    wii fit.
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