• hexenwulfhexenwulf April 2010
    I was kicking back and relaxing, watching some tv. Police pull up in the driveway. I go outside to see what the problem is. And before I can really say anything the problem becomes obvious. Horses, three of them. Also a pony and a mule. Wandering through the yard. They are trying to keep them from wandering into the road or onto the Highway (they built (not 100% complete) a Highway practically next door.).

    After a bit of conversation with the officer I discover they have gotten loose from a neighbor. About a mile and a half or two miles through the woods. Let the rodeo begin. Another officer goes to the mobile home across the creek and sounds siren to move the horses back in our general direction. Does not go quite to plan, about 90 degree tangent to desired direction. Thus I became a cowboy and start herding them back towards home.

    There is an old logging road below my house (between the house and highway) that heads in the general direction of the farm the animals escaped from. The officer on my side helps me get them headed towards it. I offer to get my truck and "push" them down the road as far as it is accessible. Get my truck and head out to the logging road. Before I get down the road a guy pulls up. He has been called by the police and informed of the horses whereabouts. I tell him I am about to head down the road and push them towards the farm. He says he is going to go and get some bridles for the horses. I say ok and that I will meet him where the road/horses stop. I am able to make it about 3/4 of a mile down the logging road (impressed with my truck, didn't originally purchase it for off-roading). About 40 minutes or so later I am wondering where this guy is. Guess he had no idea where the road went.

    So begins the fun. I start herding the horses in the general direction of "home", assuming they know where they are going. Direction of travel is confirmed by the signs of their earlier travel towards my house. Quite sometime later we arrive at the fenceline of the farm. I yell a bit. No response. So I get out the trusty cell phone and call the police and ask them to try and contact the owner. The make contact with him apparently. The owner calls me and tells me he is driving towards the entrance to the logging road, this confused me because I had clearly told the operator at the station that I was at HIS property. It took him a bit to understand that I had herded them to his property and he needed to come back. In case you are wondering why I didn't just take them to the nearest gate was because I had no idea how much further it was to said gate and I was hot and irritated. Herding the horses,pony, and mule was entertaining what with the terrain, creek, and previously logged area we traveled through. Was also pissed when I saw the incomplete job of fencing that had been done in the area I assume the horses got out from.

    Well the horses made it home ok and I got a nice walk through the woods, creek, logged out area and everyone ended up happy, well except for the horses I imagine.

    What I learned was that horses in general are O.K., ponies like to stand around confused by things, and Mules really are stubborn.
  • NunesNunes April 2010
    QUOTE (Hexenwulf @ Apr 21 2010, 11:55 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I was kicking back and relaxing, something about b-ball and moving in with your aunt and uncle.

    ::Cool story bro::

    /moar like this.
  • mungomungo April 2010
    QUOTE (Hexenwulf @ Apr 21 2010, 11:55 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I was chillin' out maxin', kicking back and relaxin' all cool, watching shootin' some tv bball outside of mah school Police pull up in the driveway. when a couple of guys horses who were up to no good started makin' trouble in my neighborhood

    I like where this story is going.
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