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  • KPKP April 2010
    So I know a few of you guys do a lot of working out so I'd thought I would ask here.

    I've been pretty active ever since a few years ago...mostly cycling and running, but last summer I started playing soccer. Was practicing everyday, getting better, but then someone really fucked my knee up so I haven't really done much running or playing soccer since then..just cycling. I started playing raquett ball a bit, and and last month I actually started playing soccer once again..yey.

    Anyway, I seem to have a reoccuring injry where I pull a muslce in either one of my quads. Yesterday while on lunch break I was just juggling the ball, went to get it as it rolled away because I suck, pivoted quick, and ouch I think I pulled it. Didn't hurt much afterwards, streched, jogged, and tried to do some interval training this morning, and bam, i deff pulled it. I am letting it Ice for abit before I go to work, but WHY does this keep happening to me. It happens too often and its annoying because I have to sit out for a while, and the longer I sit out the less likely I will be to start up again.

    I strech, and jog a bit before doing a workout, and I cycle at leaset 10 miles a day, am now commuting to work at least 2 times a week which is 40 miles round trip, and do the occasional group ride of 30 miles...Cycling is supposed to decrease the chance of quad pulls, while running increases it!

    How long should I not do anything? When can i start jogging, cycling without making it worse? Is two weeks a good time to wait to play soccer again? can i just juggle around a bit for fun?

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  • JonobonoJonobono April 2010
    I had about a 2 year long streak of severely spraining my right ankle back in highschool and we're talking like 5 occasions. I mean that bitch just didn't heal properly. I mentioned it to my doctor and he basically told me to set up a couple of physical therapy appointments. If anything they can tell you want activities to avoid and what activities are good for your specific injury.
  • PhilPhil April 2010
    Jono, ankles are a bitch, they never really heal right, I feel you there.

    KP - do your damn strength training. Cycle (hills) isn't a terrible way to strengthen legs, but there isn't an eccentric component to cycling. Soccer has plenty of eccentrics movements (like every time you slow down).

    Taking 2 weeks off soccer isn't a bad idea. Making sure you have full ROM in your hips is important too. Do you know which of the myriad thigh muscle you are pulling? Juggling sounds good, as long as you are cautious. Anything that doesn't hurt is certainly a good idea.

    Learn to SQUAT. With a barbell. On your back. With a bunch of weight on it. Don't end up with a lifelong weekend warrior syndrome.

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