Anyone heard of the brand Roccat?
  • woerwoer May 2010
    They seem like the Razer of the U.K.

    I like the design and look of their 5.1 surround sound headphones, "Kave", and am thinking of picking up a pair since my fourth pair of Razer HP-1's have had a speaker die in them and are out of warranty (fuck those headphones srsly). I sent them to my brother to fix but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. The only place I can find them is eBay, though, and even there, there is only one listing.

    I also like their compact keyboard. I've been looking for exactly that for a long time, so I may pick one up.
  • woerwoer May 2010
    Nevermind about the headphones. I found a review on that said one of the speakers stopped working on him. I'm not trying to go through that bs again, with a foreign company this time.

    Anyone have recommendations for a good set of surround sound headphones?

    Logitech G35's are on sale at newegg for $86 after MIR The reviews seem good, but everyone thinks their new headphones are the best ever, but really the situation is that their old headphones were shitty. Anyone have experience with these?

    Razer Megalodon has bad reviews (wrt quality) on Newegg, so f that.

    Tritons seem to have bad reviews on Newegg, too :/

    Are there others?
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