• hexenwulfhexenwulf May 2010
    Howdy everyone, just dropping a line to let everyone know I am still alive. Working for a few weeks here in the wonderful state of Arkansas. Fort Smith to be exact. 12 hrs a day working, and from what I understand that is about all there is to to around here. That and drink.
  • woerwoer May 2010
    Sounds fun. What kind of work are you doing?
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf May 2010
    Saint Gobain Proppants is installing a new truck loading station. Doing some sub-contractor work installing some pipe. Doing threaded pipe, buttweld pipe (stick welded), and some stainless steel socket weld pipe (T.I.G. welded). Seem to have gotten it down to just the threaded piping left. I do so love threaded pipe (sarcasm).

    The crew and I should be finishing our bit of the job up sometime this week. Working through the holiday to get things finished up. The primary contractor got a late start on the job and someone else moved the completion date up to Monday. It is now Saturday and we are taking Sunday off. I do seriously doubt they will be making the new deadline. I know I will not be able to complete the piping. I also know that we will finish the piping before the primary contractor will be able to complete the project. I find all the hurry hurry rush rush odd for something that will not be put into operation until DECEMBER!!! I shall just do my part and suck up all the overtime I can. Bike needs a new rear shock and almost due a new rear tire and will need some fuel for it and some riding time.
  • woerwoer May 2010
    What are the pipes for? I spent a summer moving machines for a wire and cable manufacturer from one building to another and they wanted all the wiring for the machines through pipes along the ceilling. Summer heat + 700-1300 degree heaters throughout the plant (to melt the plastic coating onto the cables) + working at the ceiling = not very much fun. Plus all the wires had to be pulled through by hand ugh! I remember a few points where I was hanging on the wires and they weren't moving; I had to pull them all out and grease them up better. Anyway, I hope yours aren't for wires (or it's someone else's job to get them through the pipes hahaha).

    What is it like in Arkansas? I've never been that far west.

    How long are you there? You're probably only a two day drive from Sturgis, which is coming up in August.
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf May 2010
    These pipes are handling air and water. The electricians are handling all of the conduit full of wire. And yes sometimes you just gotta put that KY jelly type stuff on the wires to get them to pull. The electricians have been giving me a bit of grief. That is calling the piping Plumbing. I must admit that the threaded pipe qualifies as plumbing in my book also. I should give them hell because they are running a good deal of the wiring through conduit which is just aluminum screwed pipe.

    Where we are in Arkansas is rather boring I think. Not very sure. To be honest after 12 hours in the warm summer sun working I am a bit tired in the evenings. Not much time for sightseeing. I have been assured by one of my crew that has been here before that I am not missing anything at all.

    We should finish up this week sometime if all goes well. We will head home right after that.
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