Jim Cramer of Mad Money
  • I really don't know how people on the forums feel about this guy, but I hate having to argue with people as to whether or not Jim Cramer is a God... just because he says something doesn't mean it's true!!

    Cramer claims that Verizon's stock looks weaker than it is because no one is "including" the 10,000 iPhones that Verizon is going to sell this time next year...even though there is NO definite talk of Verizon getting a piece of the Apple.

    I asked my dad (a Cramerite) "Where did he get that number?" He said "Well, I don't know, he didn't say." How can you rely on an analyst whose sources cannot be vetted? Oh right, you can't.

    That, and the shouting+loud noises just seem like something meant to disguise his stupid speculation to the idiots that clap for stuff like nascar. Not to mention, he's wrong pretty much as often as anyone else.

    Pictured Below: "Anyone else's" method

  • Didn't Jon Stewart embarrass this guy already?
  • jimmah7jimmah7 June 2010
    i'm pretty sure he didn't just embarrass him. i believe he shamed him.
  • NunesNunes June 2010
    Verizon will not be getting iPhones for quite some time.

    The hang ups are numerous and technical. We had a Verizon guy in here a couple weeks ago talking about how they were totally going to have it. When we asked when he said not with this generation of phones. Apparently there are no plans to develop a CDMA ready iPhone... uh... ever.

    It *might* happen with a 4G iPhone. Maybe. Assuming Verizon doesn't fuck up the deal again.

    Verizon, however has said publicly that an optimistic evaluation leaves Verizon's network with 66% 4G coverage in the US by 2012.

    So yeah, totally full of shit and trying to shill for Verizon. I'm sure you can find that Verizon and his network have a friendly relationship. I'm a bit busy to look this morning.
  • carto0ncarto0n June 2010
    Cramer is an idiot.
  • I remember seeing something awhile back that if you followed all of Cramer's advice over the years... you would be in negative earnings.

    That amazes me... because people let someone else pick their moves... and blindly follow. Amazing to see some of the penny stocks that get pumped due to extensive email lists.
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