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  • mfarrmfarr June 2010
    Anyone interested in joining the Newegg Bad Company 2 tournament? It starts July 19th and is free to join. The tournament is 4v4 squad rush on
    * Atacama Desert
    * Panama Canal
    * Port Valdez
    * Valparaiso

    So we need at least 4 to play, and can have a 5th on the team to sub if someone can't make a match.

    Here is the website with information:

    Let me know your thoughts.
  • PheylanPheylan June 2010
    I wish I could, but I'm guessing that it goes for several days and I start some pretty intensive classes on the 19th. I know that since we'll kick ass and go through the entire tournament that its probably too many days for me to manage.
  • fratersangfratersang June 2010
    Maybe? I'm not so experienced with rush 4v4 though.
  • mfarrmfarr June 2010
    It's not much different than regular rush, and since you already know all of the maps it's not hard to get a hang of. The only difference is that there are only two sections, with one bomb in each.

    Me and Phey were playing it tonight and dominated the whole time.
  • JAmmYJAmmY July 2010
  • fratersangfratersang July 2010
    So when are the mandatory practice nights?

    oh wait that would leave jammy out... image/laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" />
  • GovernorGovernor July 2010
    Only sort of related: I just picked this up in the summer steam sale.
  • fratersangfratersang July 2010
    chuck has it now too.
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf July 2010
    As does Sean. Installing now. I should be able to set a new record for "Least Capable Player". Is there a medal or anything for that?
  • BillBill July 2010
    QUOTE (Hexenwulf @ Jul 9 2010, 01:00 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    As does Sean. Installing now. I should be able to set a new record for "Least Capable Player". Is there a medal or anything for that?

    As long as Frat is playing you shouldn't have to worry about that.

  • hexenwulfhexenwulf July 2010
    Ummm, yeah. Just tried some online. Green as can be. As far as not worrying when Frat is playing all I can say is "A Challenger Appears"
  • BrianBrian July 2010
    Hex you ride a cruiser? Do you wave to street bikes, or are you one of those old man dicks that gives me the finger when I wave?
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf July 2010
    I wave at anyone on two wheels.
    I also go out riding with anyone on two wheels. Friend of mine has a ninja. other has a V-rod Muscle.
  • BrianBrian July 2010
    Haha, never had a doubt that you were a waver.

    On topic: How is this game? What's it play like?
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf July 2010
    Graphics are great. I think it actually gives my machine a good workout. Gameplay is good. My ping sucks everywhere but wth. NO ONE seems to talk. Have spoken with one person briefly and that was because he was playing medic and I was a cherry. He probably scored a ton of points following me around and reviving me. It can be addictive. I have not really played a great deal yet but so far I am giving it a thumbs up.

    Also I have only played the online maps. Was having a bit of an issue with playing the single player game. Would go to a black screen. I still have problems with my nvidia card fan speed. I thought it had something to do with that but even with fan speed at a manual 100% I will still go to a loss of video. No Idea what is causing it. Vid drivers updated. direct x updated (i think). All windows updates. About the only thing I have not done recently is a BIOS flash.
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