World Cup Lock?
  • KPKP June 2010
    Why was the World Cup topic locked?
  • NunesNunes June 2010
    Apparently the conversation that I was about to have with Tommy was approaching critical levels of civility...

    So in the interests of getting a good old fashioned flaming going:

    Enjoy your sport, world.


    In seriousness, though I would like to address his points and try and come off as less of a dick.
  • Pretty lame lock. Heaven forbid we have some interesting discussion on this board!

    Also, that article, while not spot in some minor details, isn't bad at all.

    Goal line technology should definately be brought in. Fifa's excuse for not doing so is that football is a game of pace with the occasional incorrect decission being part of the game.

    While part of that is fair enough, decisions are a big talking point in games and do lead to some classic discussions the day after down the pub, but whether the ball crossed the line is one of the few rules not open to interpretation. It either did cross the line, or it didn't.

    Apparntly Sepp Blatter, the head of Fifa has apolagised for the incident and done a complete U-turn in saying that goal line technology will be discussed in the future. I'm taking that with a pinch of salt, Sepp Blatter is a chump who is incredibly set in his ways, so I expect him to say "we talked about it and decided to still not have it".

    Also the point about referees is a pretty fair one. Most players and managers are incredibly frustrated when the wrong decision is made, be it cards, offsides or disallowed goals, but they also say they'd be far happier if referees were allowed to come out and explain their actions. As it stands that doesn't happen.

    Also I feel it worth pointing out that the referee pictures is Howard Web, an English premiership referee who has had a fantastic tournament so far along with his English linesmen!
  • AlfyAlfy June 2010
    Who locked it?
  • NunesNunes June 2010
    I don't believe in locking threads.

    I think it's a really egregious mistake that some sports at the professional level don't have replay. It's a different level of play with different stakes. Salaries are at stake. The ability for a club to continue to operate could hinge on a single game. Losing it by one goal when you actually scored that goal is an entirely plausible situation in this environment and I find that unacceptable.

    Ability to draft. Affected. Player stats.

    I could go on and on about it but suffice it to say that I disapprove of the situation.

    Was the article correct on the counts of eliminating in-stadium replays? I assumed that was meant to protect refs from angry fans.

    And what the hell would "goal line technology" be? All I can think is a hockey alarm.

    QUOTE Sepp Blatter is a chump who is incredibly set in his ways
    That is interesting to note. Do you have any examples? Articles not necessary.

    Goodell (NFL Commish) has a tendency to fine people for EVERYTHING he possibly can. Socks not pulled up? 5000 - 10000 bucks. He'll fine people for things that didn't get called during the game. Horse Collar tackles, when you grab the pad behind a guys neck and pull him down by it, that's money. If people are in some kind of trouble as civilians he tends to suspend them. They don't get paid for games them miss. Excessive celebrations? Money.

    He hits people where it hurts and uses the money to make payments to the players union so they can keep retired players alive. Keeps players somewhat in line even when the refs aren't looking (which is almost never because) and at the same time it keeps the league running. The existence of NFL Films brought the advent of the "Film It from a Thousand and One Angles because a Thousand is not Enough" strategy of gamecasting and archival.

    btw - download and watch and episode of America's Game. If there's something like that for soccer or rugby I'd check it out in a heartbeat.
  • fratersangfratersang June 2010
    Apparantly I closed it somehow?

    Great thing is, I had to check the logs to find out that I did this.... image/huh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":huh:" border="0" alt="huh.gif" />

    Its open again, no need to get your feathers ruffled. OMGZ CENSORSHIPZ
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