W(tf)indors 7 sleep corrupts MBR?
  • woerwoer July 2010
    I installed loonix on my new laptop yesterday, but before going to sleep I rebooted into Windows 7 (home premium, if it matters). I woke up to see my laptop off, so I hit the power button only to have it say there was no bootable disk.

    I plugged in the flash drive I installed linux from, reinstalled grub (linux boot manager), and booted into Windows only to have everything that was running last night be open, so it must have went to sleep. Why would sleep corrupt the boot manager? Or did it not corrupt it, but then what would cause grub not to load when powering the laptop on? This seems very strange.

    edit: lol windors

    edit: it was hibernation, not sleep. sleep works ok.
  • b1llyb1lly July 2010
    Install linux on the primary partition. Should fix it.
  • woerwoer July 2010
    turns out it was dell online backup changing shit on me. uninstalled it from windows and all was well
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