Who won?
  • NunesNunes July 2010
    I mean, it was only by one goal, and this knockout has to count for something.

  • ErlingErling July 2010
    mmm cleats to the sternum.

    http://comics.com/get_fuzzy/2010-07-05/ up to today some amusing strips about soccer
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf July 2010
    Now that had to be very painful. Any thing about his injuries? Fractured sternum or anything?
  • Liu Kang wins. Brutality!
  • NunesNunes July 2010
    QUOTE (Hexenwulf @ Jul 12 2010, 01:30 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Now that had to be very painful. Any thing about his injuries? Fractured sternum or anything?

    The world cup was actually made from the bones and tears of little orphaned African children this year, which everyone in the west knows possess certain indescribable curative properties. I haven't been able to find anything that says he was injured at all.
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf July 2010
    Scars are like tattoos, but scars come with better stories.
  • NunesNunes July 2010
    *looks at scars caused by various injuries*

    Why would I want to explain that I was fencing a dude and one of the foils broke, cutting me pretty seriously in 2 places.

    Or that I fell of my roof when I was 8.

    Or that I was farking around on a skateboard for a few years and acquired (counts) 5 scars.

    Or that I literally have no idea how I got this one, but I *know* I was dead sober cause it happened at work.

    /maybe my stories just suck?
    //Or maybe I just suck at telling stories?
  • NunesNunes July 2010
    So all the clips I saw had no sign of the ref, Webb, in frame. So I dug around.


    He had pretty much the best view possible. wtf?
  • Iroincally this wasn't the worst challange Xabi Alonso (dude who got booted) recieved in this world cup.

    Poor fellow nearly had his leg broken in another match. Championed on through that game too. He's a class player.

    Horror challange at 3-mins

    Those challanges break legs ^

    From what I hear he thinks he prolly has broken ribs from the boot to the chest though.
  • NunesNunes July 2010
    Yowch. Seen some of them end in broken legs, that's effed.

    If he doesn't have at least *serious* bruising in his ribcage, then that Liu Kang shit wasn't nearly as bad as it looked...
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