arbalet dallas! heats up tomorrow
  • woerwoer July 2010

    predictions anyone?

    let's see

    group 1: mousesports, eg

    group 2: sk, mtw

    group 3: navi, col

    group 4: h2k, loaded
  • woerwoer July 2010
    well it didn't take long for something controversial to happen

    eg beat mousesports, mousesports beat idemise, and idemise beat eg, with area51 (eco) losing to all three, leaving a three-way tie.

    Rather than decide which two advance by amount of rounds won (as per every other Arbalet lan), the judges decided to first throw out the matches vs. Area 51 and then note the number of rounds. If they hadn't thrown out the Area 51 matches, EG and iDemise would have advanced with Mousesports out. Instead, Mousesports is the #1 seed, and EG and iDemise are tied.

    Now, normally the EG/iDemise tie would be decided by head to head rounds, meaning iDemise gets the #2 spot since they beat EG, but the judges decided a better idea is to have them play another match with the winner moving on.

    In other words, they wanted the big names--EG and Mousesports--to move on so much that they changed all the tiebreaker rules.

    Adding to the controversy, some people are saying EG threw the match to iDemise so that Mousesports would be out of the competition. Even though they beat Mousesports, EG was the underdog. I don't know if I believe they threw the match, though. They did lose by a respectable amount (19-11), but iDemise only lost to SK 14-16, and SK is considered a better team than EG by quite a bit.

    btw iDemise = icy, irukandji, ans savi0r from the esea-i team HRG, plus sfX from the esea-o team i95--see the esea o thread i made for his history--, and aZn
  • woerwoer July 2010
    eek semis (=single elimination bo3) were close in two cases. h2k beat sk after losing the first game and only winning the both of the others 16-14, and navi beat mtw in two games but both went into ot (second was double ot). eg raped burning, and mouz raped ue.

    the prizes are pretty nice, but there's a big difference between each of them:

    1st: $25,000
    2nd: $15,000
    3rd: $10,000
    4th: $7,000
  • jkarate212jkarate212 July 2010
    Changing the rules in order to play favorites? Lameeeee
  • woerwoer July 2010
    1-na vi

    starix (na vi) gets mvp, frod gets best awp

    lol@frod these days

    edit: just saw this on hltv, na'vi's winnings for the ytd

    Arbalet Cup Asia Qualifiers 1st - Paid trip + $?
    Arbalet Cup Asia 1st - $10,000
    Arcalet Cup Ukraine 1st - $3,000
    CGL of Ukraine 5&6 1st - $1,800
    IEM Season 4 European Championships 5th-8th - $1250.00
    IEM Season 4 World Championships 1st - $50,000
    Arbalet Best of Four 1st - $12,000
    Arbalet Cup Europe 2nd - $10,000
    ESWC 2010 1st - $36,000
    Arbalet Cup Dallas 1st - $25,000

    Total winnings for the year = $149,050
  • PhilPhil July 2010
    Montaner looks like shit, wow.
  • woerwoer July 2010
    i heard he stopped doing coke

    let that be a lesson, kids. never stop doing cocaine
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