Xbox 360 wireless adapter
  • LethaLLethaL August 2010
    I would like to know if any of you own a xbox 360 and play online via the wireless adapter, i would like to know how it perform because i am thinking about maybe getting one.

    I prefer wire most of the time but in this case the thing is my router is in my room upstairs, in my room i got a normal 26 inches tv, downstairs i have a 42 inches lcd tv with hdmi. I do not plan on moving my router because my desktop computer is in my room which is wired (it has no wireless card) so the only way i could get on xbox live while i play on my 42 lcd screen which is a lot better than in my room

    I know i could have went on google and read reviews etc but i would prefer to hear from one of you which i know and which use/experience the connection with the adapter
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2010
    buy a bigass ethernet cable
  • LethaLLethaL August 2010
    thats what i will most likely do actually a cat 6 ethernet cable of 50 to 100 feets would cost me around 20$ instead of paying 50$ for the adapter on ebay or 80$ in store near me
  • 0%3Duid%28root%290=uid(root) September 2010
    i would invest in wireless. it allows more freedom and less eyesore from a huge ethernet cable. and the degradation from a cable that length probably would suck the fun out of anything on xboxlive.

    plus you pay 50 dollars for xbox live(per month), and you're thinking about saving money?
  • LethaLLethaL September 2010
    i decided to get a 100 ft wire because it was al most no problem for me to make it go through my house, it works very good so far, the speed/connection test i made with it is very simillar if not better than my short cable i use for my desktop. Xbox live is 5$ per month not 50$ this price is for a year, well here its 60$ which make 5$ per month which is not a big deal at all
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