1v1 Kyuubi(P) v sayanything(T), win
  • gsusegsuse September 2010
    This was my first league match win v a terran player using a wall-in strategy. I was just learning how to use the wall-in strategy with protoss.

  • GovernorGovernor September 2010
    Good game. A few points:

    Be careful with putting your forge up front like that. It is a building that is pretty easy to knock down and has expensive and time consuming upgrades. It would be a shame to waste the expense of a higher tier upgrade if the building was destroyed. Even if you did cancel the upgrade in time, you'd still be out all of the time it took. You also lose the ability to throw up cannons if you really needed to defend the interior of your base and were already maxed on units in production.

    Explore! You basically never left your base until the end there. Fortunately, your opponent pursued a similar strategy, but ultimately you both suffered for it. A little exploration would have given you a significant advantage.

    Expand! You were quick with your first expansion, but you never expanded after that. Your teammate had his first expansion up many minutes after you, but he still managed to move out and expand again. By the end of the game, you almost exhausted both your main base and expansion. If you tried to expand at that point and failed, it would have been extremely difficult to come back without any influx of minerals.

    Build cannons by your nexus in all expansions (or at least have a few observers/stalkers available nearby). He could have ended the game with his six cloaked banshees had he not made the stupid mistake of sending them all to die for no reason at all. Your whole main base was screwed, and the mineral patch at your expansion was an easy target as well. You were very fortunate that he made such a dumb move here.
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