Kyuubi(P) v KaP(P) L
  • gsusegsuse September 2010
    Here I played KaP and would've had a better chance at winning if I had noticed his probe in my base the whole game.
  • ErlingErling September 2010
    1. First off, thank you for using shift+click! Almost got a half stock when you made your first pylon and queued it back to mining. Big ups!
    2. When you sent your probe over and made some circles with queues try to avoid doing it on top of the nexus. And some of the most important spots to scout if around the edges of their base where they might be hiding something sneaky!
    3. Your wall off was a little strange. But it is harder on the bigger ramps.
    4. You were doing a good job with Probes, had a good economy.
    5. After your 10 Probe you didn't scout again. It's so important to keep your eye on what they're doing. He could've switched off his two gates and went VRs before you made your first Stalkers.
    6. You started doing a good job with Chrono but fell behind when you expanded. It's probably my biggest failing as Protoss so it's something I look for.
    7. Upgrades! Make a Forge way earlier and get those upgrades going!
    8. Micro wasn't very good. Obviously good micro is one of the harder parts to master in the game. The main time I noticed it was when he had his stalkers at your ramp and your stalkers were stuck in your door fighting one at a time. Stalkers move fast and something to try to master with them is attack, move forward, attack, move forward and so on. Play around with it so you know the timing in between attacks.
    9. 2 base (one gold) protoss can support like 10 warpgates, while he didn't go past 4 either it would've handed you the game on a platter as you would have had your stalker count + like 30 Zealots.
    10. Back to scouting, try to always drop a Robo Bay and at least put out an observer for some easy scouting.
  • KPKP September 2010
    No advice for me?

    Watching the replay, I agree with Erling, it could have been a lot closer/you rolled me if you spent your minerals. I wasn't the best at keeping my minerals at zero but you had a ton of unspent minerals when I attacked you. If you are not spending minerals on units because you can't build them fast enough, then build more gates/whatever you want to go for.

    I do continue to scout once and a while but I don't do a great job keeping a constant presence with the rest of the map.

    My micro sucks too....real bad.

  • ErlingErling September 2010
    I wasn't paying attention didn't realize it was you, haha. I'll rewatch in a bit.
  • KPKP September 2010
    QUOTE (Erling @ Sep 24 2010, 08:16 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    I wasn't paying attention didn't realize it was you, haha. I'll rewatch in a bit.

    Like many stupid websites, they don't allow you to have a name with only two characters. I actually kind of like KaP so whatever.
  • gsusegsuse September 2010
    thanks for tips i'll be looking to implement them in my next game image/biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />
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