PlaguePark(Z) vs KaP(P)
  • KurtKurt September 2010

    Here is a 1v1 that KaP and I did last night, just looking for comments/ways to improve my game play. I believe KaP may also want some input!

    Things I know that I messed up on:
    -Did not thoroughly spread overlords all over the map - was afraid of supply blocking myself when pheonix's kept sniping them.
    -Did not expand enough, as is more than evident at the end of the game.
    -Built way too many corruptors late game
    -Did not grow creep up to expansion areas

    Overall, I would say this is one of the best games I have played in terms of units.
    We both mixed up our unit composition pretty regularly, I think it was a pretty interesting game. (it sure felt intense to play)

    Our APM/Unit control were even for most of the match.

    Anyway, enjoy!
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