GSL Finals Videos - Cool (fruitseller) vs IntoTheRainbow (HopeTorture)
  • KurtKurt October 2010
    For those of you who haven't seen them. I recommend the watch! In each video (Part 1s) there is a lot of talking, fast forward to where the game starts if you dont want to hear it (I know I did).

    SPOILER:Revolutionary zerg play, the terran was completely out-classed in this match-up. Love the diverse and different strategies.
  • ErlingErling October 2010
    Amazing games.
  • GovernorGovernor October 2010
    Those were pretty extraordinary. I can't believe fruitseller was able to pull off some of the crazy shit he pulled off in there. The counter to that proxy rush almost made me shit myself.
  • KPKP October 2010
    That is disgusting....micro is just so important
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