Heatsink FTL (or me)
  • CheezzypoofCheezzypoof October 2010
    So this weekend I just got done building my i7 setup. After a few days of running I downloaded Prime 95 to stress test and Core Temp to monitor temps. I was a little surprised to see I was idling around 40 and under load hitting high 70's. So I figured I may have screwed up the thermal paste. Redid it, and low and behold idling 40's... but under load was rising way too fast towards 100. So I knew I screwed something up... well I did it one more time.

    Idles around 34, and load 66. Phew lol. Not sure what I screwed up both times but good to have it running the way it should be. After the thermal paste cures I'll look into overclocking it in a couple weeks.
  • LethaLLethaL October 2010
    nice job on screwing up the heatsink installation, i had to say it, now if you do overclock, which you plan to do, i would recommend buying an after market heatsink for your cpu and also get some artic silver 5 or 7. It does not cost a lot, its very effictive unless you buy a cheap aftermarket heatsink. I am telling you this because if you want to make your computer parts last longer while being overclocked then its better to help them cool down

    For example under load you say you get 70 or so well overclocked it will go higher than that in the 80, maybe in the 90 i am not sure i never messed with overclocking, the thing is with a good aftermarket heatsink your temp would barely change when oeverclocking instead of going way up and if you decide to not overclock well your temp will just drop down in the 50 under full load

    Before buying anything, you need to make sure to know the socket of your i7 so you will get an aftermarket heatsink that will really fit on your cpu to make sure you get the best cooling If you are unsure of which one to buy you can post your cpu socket here and i am sure someone will link you to a good heatsink one other important thing you must know the dimension of your computer case and the dimension of the heatsink you want to be sure it can fit in your build, you also might want to check if your mortherboard is fully compatible just to make sure you don't get an headache from installing it or you could go on newegg do a search, find the heatsink compatible with your cpu and check the reviews on the products
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf October 2010
    Liquid nitrogen. Nuff said.
  • redboneredbone October 2010
    QUOTE (Hexenwulf @ Oct 15 2010, 03:34 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Liquid nitrogen. Nuff said.

    I personally find it not only does a good job keeping your computer cool, but also makes a fantastic personal lubricant!
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf October 2010
    The company I work for does quite a bit of work for the Linde plant here in Birmingham Al.. They probably wouldn't care much if I showed up with a big assed dewar and got a load of liquid nitrogen or argon. SOOOOooooo tempting. Of course I would probably hit a bump on the way home and get a good head start on the old cryo storage upon death thing.
  • AlfyAlfy October 2010
    My CPU sits at about 73c at idle, and 90c with load. I have seen temps past 100c at times.

    Let me tell you, I love my MacBook Pro.
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