• cutchinscutchins November 2010
    i play as terran. i feel like my toughest match up is against protoss. i can't figure out how to beat a 4 gate push. seems like no matter what i try to do, if they throw down 4 gates and maybe a proxy pylon, they overwhelm me by just pumping out stalkers as fast as they can and pushing.

    if the toss goes for an early expo, i can harass pretty well and/or do a timing push of my own with bio ball.

    any ideas for how i can stop this 4 gate stalker push as terran?
  • GovernorGovernor November 2010
    I won't be a lot of help here, but what about siege tanks and marauders?
  • cutchinscutchins November 2010
    it seems like i can't get enough of either one out to stop the push. maybe i can try using a couple bunkers after i scout, but idk. hmm....
  • cutchinscutchins November 2010
    i think a bunker and a siege tank will shut down the 4 gate. thx for responding, court.
  • GovernorGovernor November 2010
    No problem. Regardless of what race you play, the most important thing to do is identify that the 4-gate is happening. Obviously loading up on siege tanks, marauders, and bunkers is not ideal when they are teching out or early expanding, and your normal drop-harass might be far more effective at disrupting his macro.
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