LotR Online
  • PheylanPheylan January 2011
    Anyone try this? It just recently went Free to Play, which always tempts me to try a game prior to buying it. I've only heard good things about it so far, from reviews. I was curious if anyone here had something to add about it.
  • TrueBelieverTrueBeliever January 2011
    This is the only thing I've ever heard from it.
  • CheezzypoofCheezzypoof January 2011
    I played it through back in the day, it's a good game. Like anything else though... its good to know people playing it or it can get boring.
  • PheylanPheylan January 2011
    Well I might download it in the next couple of days. If anyone is interested in giving it a go, let me know.
  • BillBill January 2011
    It's so bad it's funny. I made a bard that looked like Derek Smalls and just followed people around and harassed them playing my bongos... A good 20 minutes of entertainment at least.
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