• KPKP February 2011
    Radiohead announced they are releasing their new Album this coming Saturday. You will be able to download their album on Saturday, or get the vinyl set in late may which also includes the digital download on Saturday. Similar to their last album release method but without the free version.

    So pumped.

    No idea what is going to be on this album which is nice cause I pretty much knew all the songs that were on the last one already.

    They will tour sometime this year..I am 100% certain of that.

    Who wants to go see the best live show of our time?
  • redboneredbone February 2011
    Thank you for informing us!

    This will be the second album I have ever purchased.
  • NunesNunes February 2011
    Ohhhhhhh. Snap.
  • KPKP February 2011
    Was released a day early fyi
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