• GachiGachi February 2011
    My account has been hijacked. I haven't played on it for awhile, except last week or two I played once. I get an email this morning saying my account contact email has been changed, blah blah blah. I try to login and behold, wrong password. I try to password recovery where it sends a verification to your email, and behold, I get nothing since email has been changed.

    I've emailed STEAM about it but doubt I'll hear back in a timely manner.. Any suggestions?
  • dandan February 2011
    You should delete your registry.

  • GachiGachi February 2011
    lol, dan.

    Steam still hasn't answered me yet.
  • mungomungo February 2011
    What's steam?

    I like to party.
  • GachiGachi February 2011
    Good news is, after adding to my complaint that it's been 3 days and that I wanted my account back, I finally got an email.

    Account is back in my control so that shitbag who stole it can suck my fucking dick. Wish I could find out who stole it and destroy their life.
  • JonobonoJonobono February 2011
    Yeah, i would hate the feeling of having some 12 year old taking over my account. Glad you got it back.
  • dandan February 2011
    You should still try deleting your registry.


    p.s. <3
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