• GachiGachi March 2011
    Obviously those who have met me, or those who have seen pictures of me should remember my right eye drifting off to the right (Lazy Eye). At the age of 8, I had a surgery to correct it called Strabismus. I was told then at around the age of 18, the muscle would grow again and it may drift back, which it did.

    On March 4th (this past Friday), I had the surgery again. It's a same day surgery and I was home that night resting comfortable. My eye is still red and the eyelid doesn't open fully right now, but I'm supposed to keep it closed most of the day so I have a gauze over it just to help keep it closed while I use my left eye for everything. I'm off of work for 15 days for some free leave, so that's great as well.

    I love when the military pays for stuff and I'm not responsible for any of it.
  • GovernorGovernor March 2011
    Nice! Obvious surgery sucks, but it is cool that you got the correction.

    Is your vision suppose to improve at all?
  • GachiGachi March 2011
    No, this is purely a cosmetic surgery. As of right now, there is no technology to get my vision to work properly in my right eye.
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf March 2011
    Marines are meaner than I thought. Won't let the troops have any slack. One little bit of you gets a bit lazy and BAM correction time. What do they do for lazy asses? image/laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" />
  • MagicMagic March 2011
    How bad is your vision in your right eye? Good to hear you're okay!

    Last summer I experienced a corneal ulcer (tear in my cornea became infected). The most painful thing I've ever had to deal with. I couldn't open my eye for 3 days. Once I was able to open, my vision in that eye was completely screwed. Thankfully, my vision came back (for the most part) over a period of a few weeks, but there's still a scar on my cornea that affects my vision to a slight degree and my eye is sensitive to bright light.

    There's nothing like the threat of losing your vision that makes you appreciate how much we usually take it for granted.
  • GachiGachi March 2011
    Ive always had poor vision in this eye. It's 20/400, so basically it can see things but just the colors or shapes, like the BIG E on the eye chart. I can see the black but can't tell you if it's an E or a T.
  • MagicMagic March 2011
    Sounds like we have similar vision. Without my contacts (-7.50) I can only see blurry shapes and colors. I think my contact perscription translates to 20/600 or so, but I could be off.

    Now you guys know why I was a terrible Counterstrike player.

    Anyway, glad the surgery went well and didn't cost you a dime.
  • GachiGachi March 2011
    Yeah that's it... that's why I was never as good as some of you. Thanks for pointing that out! lol
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