Tower Defense
  • GovernorGovernor March 2011
    For those that have Starcraft 2, a few of us have been playing a lot of tower defense recently. If this appeals to you, catch us on bnet or in mumble in the evenings.
  • PheylanPheylan March 2011
    Oh yeah. SC2. I've been addicted to Rift and haven't done anything else.
  • fratersangfratersang March 2011
    hmmm, I may have to partake in this.
  • BillBill March 2011
    Yeah, except that we didn't play tonight. At least I finally have a use for the money I spent on that godforsaken game.
  • ElyseElyse March 2011
    @Bill, we will play tonight, because tonight is Friday, and no one (well, less people) have that stupid thing called work tomorrow morning.
  • BillBill March 2011
    @yourmom I wanted to play last night as well... I was bored... I blame all of you.
  • GachiGachi March 2011
    Pheylan, how's rift? Looks good, but I just don't know how it compares in respects to WOW.
  • PheylanPheylan March 2011
    I'm enjoying it. What I like about it is how the customizability is so vast for character skills. It boils down to your character choosing three classes and picking and choosing bits and pieces of each of those to make his character into what he wants (at least 2 by max level, at most 3). Now, it's both more simple and more complicated then that, but that's the general idea.

    The rift concept is also really cool, where basically it goes from a normal day to little mini world events occurring where complete strangers are getting in raids together to fight these invasions, forcing teamwork.

    So far, I've enjoyed the content, I've started running some of the high level dungeons. I never played WoW so I can't really compare them, but I know at least that the graphics in this are less...cartoony? Also it's obviously a newer game with a better looking world. It seems there are lots of WoW players coming over, but then, I think just about every has played WoW at some point. I do know the game servers are constantly full. (Not too full to get into).

    The most positive thing I can say about it, is this game has the most responsive and involved Dev team I've ever seen in a game. Excellent communication, response time and transparency.

    I can get more indepth with the game details if anyone is interested.
  • ErlingErling March 2011
    lets go
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