AMD or Intel
  • GachiGachi March 2011
    I've always been an intel guy, but wanted some insight on AMD. I see their processor are cheaper, and read good reviews on them. Basically, if you have experience with them or are running an AMD and ran an Intel at one point, fill me in. Is the X6 a good gaming CPU price wise, or should one look into the Core i-5 or i-7?
  • LethaLLethaL March 2011
    I used to have an AMD until it died on me, it was an old AMD though something like 2,6ghz, i bought it from a friend used, it lasted 2 years or so then i bought my pentium 4 3,0ghz from the same friend which coicidently was working fine for 2 years and then i started having problems which are still now mostly because i do not want to invest any money into it.

    there is few differences between the i5 and i7 processors, i5 use 1156 and 17 use 1366. i might be wrong though some might have exceptions. Also the i-7 has the hyper-threading capacity which the i5 does not support. as for AMD processors unfortunately i don't know a lot about them but i keep getting adviced that its a good cpu and can easily do the job and intel cpu does.

    I keep being told that the bigest difference between AMD and Intel is mostly on preference choices and what you plan on doing with the computer. AMD is supposedly known to be better for games and graphics, intel is supposed known to be better for encoding, multi-tasking etc, after all i think it mostly matters on your plans, on your budget and personal preferences

    One of the thing you could do is do a research about benchmarks or any valuable informations you could find of the AMD and/or INTEL you are interessted and then decide from there which one would suits you the best
  • ErlingErling March 2011
    I've used both for large amounts of time (Latest PC is running an AMD Phenom), can't say I've ever noticed a difference in quality besides the obvious changes of going from a single-core to a quad-core.

    Now ATI versus nVidia, that's an easy choice for me.
  • GachiGachi March 2011
    Which Phenom are you running? I've seen the X4, and then I've seen the X6 Six Core? Would you recommend an AMD for gaming?
  • fratersangfratersang March 2011
    I use an amd x4 and really enjoy it, I will probably go 6 core eventually.

    Generally speaking, I find AMD to be less expensive, but it also runs hotter. Also, I find running AMD and ATI together works really well.
  • GachiGachi March 2011
    Is that because AMD owns ATI? :P
  • fratersangfratersang March 2011
    Yep...and I would argue somewhat more compatible/stable when running both.
  • maliskmalisk May 2011
    Still can't figure out why there's much of a debate about these two brands, you really won't see much of a difference unless you are behind a generation (Core 2/Phenom, Sandy Bridge/Fusion).

    In total performance Intel will generally do better because of their high frequency and voltage. Per clock, AMD might do a little better, but as long as you stick in the same frequency range, generation, and cache size you won't notice a difference except in price (AMD being a huge value).

    Don't buy the phenom 6 core, AMDs next gen CPUs are going to be out in the next month or two and should rival Intels current offering (which is destroying AMD,,2433.html), but also be much cheaper.

    AMDs new flagship CPU will likely offer (at least) equivalent performance of Intels 2600K but at about $60-$80 cheaper.

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