The never ending Post!
  • MeatonMeaton May 2011
    heheh Word :P Hey All... Such a lovely day with Rain here iN NJ ... anyone want some i ship it free and for a limited time i will alsow add one dan and gov for free just pay S=H :P
  • redboneredbone May 2011
    is there an option to just take gov? the S&H shouldn't be too much for him
  • GmnotutooGmnotutoo May 2011
    It rained here in Southern California this morning and I was confused.
  • redboneredbone May 2011
    It's okay Jason, you can be gay if you want, no one will judge you
  • MeatonMeaton May 2011
    yes you can get gov only.. but there a fee that req you to pay to cover the pitty party dan would have for being left out lol :P
  • dandan May 2011
    I have candy though. You should totally take me too.

  • GmnotutooGmnotutoo May 2011
    Gay for your mom!
  • coffeecoffee May 2011

    nice digs
  • dandan May 2011
    Hey coffee! How's Canada treating you?

  • MeatonMeaton May 2011
  • coffeecoffee May 2011
    yo dan! The entire country is still in shock over the death of Macho Man Randy Savage
  • GmnotutooGmnotutoo June 2011
    Do you think my Shaq Fu game is worth anything now that he retired?
  • MeatonMeaton January 2012
    Wow it sunny out side today
  • redboneredbone January 2012
    Yay 2012... need to get laid this year -.-
  • mungomungo January 2012
    How long has it been redbone? We should hire a pro for you.
  • redboneredbone January 2012
    I'm not willing to admit how long its been.
  • mungomungo January 2012
    Since day 1, eh?
  • redboneredbone January 2012
    haha not that long
    but 2011 was pretty dry
  • Rogue_WarriorRogue_Warrior January 2012
    Got a new phone yesterday. My eris died now having to set the new droid bionic up. This phone is pretty good. Couple of things i dont like bu
    t overall good.
  • dandan January 2012
    You should have gotten a Galaxy Nexus, imo.

  • Rogue_WarriorRogue_Warrior January 2012
    Looked at that, but got a hell of adeal on this. 129.99 after 50 mail in rebate.
  • xavierillescasxavierillescas February 2012
    stumbled upon these and laughed. good times.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

    i recall driving home with cj in bills car after a long weekend. before we left the house, we decided to finish any leftover alcohol.

    the next day bill was driving me to the train and he said that his handbrakes were out. i guess we drove with them on and didnt notice.
  • dandan February 2012
    Hi Xavier! How've you been?


    p.s. I love the picture of the light boosting. That was pretty awesome.
  • xavierillescasxavierillescas February 2012
    been well. how've you been?
  • GovernorGovernor February 2012
    Ha. Wristbands.
  • Rogue_WarriorRogue_Warrior February 2012
    Whats new X?
  • xavierillescasxavierillescas February 2012
    Same old- been working and nothing else. Not on my computer much. I have a crappy Asus laptop and no desktop. I was checking out some pictures from all the lans I went to. Good times :). Had to come and reminisce.

    How are you guys doing?
  • NunesNunes February 2012
    Damn... I can almost ... smell it.

    Still got those videos?
  • NunesNunes February 2012
    Also. I count no fewer than half a dozen shockers. Well done boys!
  • JeddHamptonJeddHampton February 2012
    I have at least one of the videos... I think.
  • stealth_3lfstealth_3lf August 2012
    it's been a while but if I remember right... this thread isn't supposed to end... so here is to continuing it
  • redboneredbone August 2012
    oh, you touch my tra la la, my ding ding dong
  • fratersangfratersang August 2012
  • GachiGachi August 2012
    Ah yes, the light boosting photo. Such a great photo from back in 2004 if I'm not mistaken, lol. Man, we were such nerds... correction, drunk nerds.

    Oh, I also have all of the pictures I took on one of my hard drives still. I browse through them for laughs here and there.
  • dandan September 2012
    Nah, Matt, it had to be after spring 2006. We only moved in there in fall 2005, and the first lanBQ was uh, early 2006.
  • MeatonMeaton October 2012
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