Portal 2
  • redboneredbone May 2011
    I was just curious as to what people thought about it, how many people are playing it etc.
  • ScabdatesScabdates May 2011
    It's cool, but I got bored of it really quick. It's nice that Valve's not pumping out games that need ridiculous specs for no reason, but Portal's story is going to have to becoming a bit more intriguing and emotional for it to be as good as it could be.
  • GovernorGovernor May 2011
    I played through both campaigns, and they were both really good. You really just need to find one other person that has not done the coop yet; the game has absolutely no replay value. I usually wouldn't spend $50 on a game I'd only dedicate a few hours to, but I wanted to get the game while I still knew people that hadn't started the coop campaign yet. Overall, it was worth every penny.

    I disagree with Richie. I actually have the opposite feeling: if I could muster one complaint about Portal 2 it would be that there was too much emphasis on the storyline this time around. I enjoy the original Portal because it is a puzzle game with a story attached. Portal 2 seemed more like a story with a puzzle game attached. If this is the direction they are taking this series, I imagine that I will enjoy any future Portal games less and less.
  • redboneredbone May 2011
    Okay cool deal thanks for your guys input. Seeing as how I am broke and only want to invest money in something that I will be spending a decent amount of time on both now and in the future I don't think I will be getting the game.
  • MeatonMeaton May 2011
    i found it to be a really good game .. and funny at times :)
  • dandan May 2011
    It was definitely a lot of fun to play through, but I don't see it having much replay value. The dialog between Wheatley and GlaDOS was pretty spectacular, but I don't think the puzzles themselves are worthy of another run through.


    p.s. Not to be a spoiler, but at the end of the co-op, I totally thought I was watching the Matrix.
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