• LethaLLethaL May 2011
    I plan on buying myself a nice lcd tv for my room when my money from taxes in a month or 2 which i would mainly use to play on with my xbox 360 and sometimes use it as a pc monitor with my laptop. My budget would probably be from 400$ to 600$ and the size of the tv probably between 32-37 inches, i do not really need much more because my room is small. My parents own a LG 42 inches plasma which does a very good job for watching tv and gaming which makes me consider getting a LG also. I'm not exactly sure if i want 720p or 1080p, i don't know if there is a real difference on a 32-27 inches tv or if it would be worth it to pay the extra money for it.

    Any suggestions/imputs, personal expeirences would be appreciated
  • PheylanPheylan May 2011
    I have to run here in a sec, but I believe that the difference in 720 vs 1080 only matters in larger TVs, maybe 40+ inches. I have a Samsung 42 inch in my room and love it.
  • JonobonoJonobono May 2011
    A couple of different things come into play when selecting the right TV for oneself. Yes, there is a large difference in 720i, and 1080p. However, cable TV and about 80% of Xbox games don't utilize the latter since it is so much more demanding/expensive. Basically, you're only going to need 1080p if you watch blurays often, as I do, or if most of your games are 1080 capible (read the back of the box.) Of course technology will improve, etc, and 1080p will be the standard before long. But at present, you can get probably get 10 more inches of viewing for the same amount if you go 720 over 1080.

    Second thing to look at is refresh rate and this does play into gaming aspects of the TV. You'll see that probably 70% of TVs have 60 refresh rate(I forget what measurement they use) while 30% have 120 (again forget.) Think of this as similar to the MS seek time ones computer monitor has, only opposite, as the higher the number, the faster the refresh. If you have particles flying all over screen such as in COD etc, then 120 might be the way to go. If you enjoy the subtle movements of Little Big Planet, 60 probably is a safe bet. Again with 120 costing a bit more of 60.

    The final thing to consider is quality of manufacturing. YES this does make a difference in both picture quality, and longevity of machine. As pheylan led into, Samsung is top of the line, on par with Sony, Sharp, etc. Be VERY skeptical of bargain brands such as Westinghouse, proscan, or RCA. They are NOT built to last.

    My advise is to shop around for several weeks. Check multiple sites, daily if you will, for bargains, because there will be one that jumps out from the rest. I landed my 37" 1080p Toshiba on like a year ago for about $350 shipped. (Check woot daily, as they have some pretty insane deals on pretty much everything.) I had been in the market for like 5 weeks at that point and was thrilled to see this price. The same TV in bestbuy was listed at like $600.

    I'm too tired to spell check, so yeah, take it for what you will.
  • LethaLLethaL May 2011
    Wel i think i would prefer to buy one localy instead of on the internet, i don't feel like dealing with the warraty and such via internet to me it would kinda seem like a pain in the neck, os instead i would rather buy localy which would be very easy to deal with if something happens.

    With that being said here a few tvs which i'm actually interested in at the monent:

    lg 37ld450 37" full HD 1080p LCD TV (37.0" diagonally) - around 500$ or so

    lg 32ld350 32” Class High Definition LCD TV (31.5” diagonal) - 328$

    LG 32" 1080p LCD HDTV (32LK450) - 549$

    LG 32" LCD HDTV (32LK330) - 499$

    Philips 40" 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV with Pixel Precise HD (40PFL5505) - 599$

    Samsung LN40C540 LCD TV - 527$
  • redboneredbone May 2011
    My only input is to vouch for Samsung. I've always been impressed with the quality of their monitors/TVs. They seem to be built to last and maintain a high quality picture.
  • LethaLLethaL May 2011
    Well yesterday i had a huge surprise when i woke up, my aunt bought me a tv, she bought it on her card the type of card like buy now and pay later. the tv is a toshiba 32SL410U, its only 720p but its a led tv which is better than a normal lcd and they are supposed to last a lot longer. it has a 5ms response time which is enough i am sure for gaming, it also has audio component output for an amplifier or in my case to plug in some turtle beach which is nice, it has 2 hdmi imput, 1 vga imput and usb for music and photos. The price of the tv was 400$ after rebate and from some research the normal cost is around 500$-550$ so i would say its a pretty good tv for this price.

    I didn't get to choose the tv but this toshiba does a very good job, played on it, it feels very smooth, everything works flawlessly and i don't think i will go back at playing on a normal tv ever again.
  • ErlingErling May 2011
    Get your aunt to buy me one of these:
  • redboneredbone May 2011
  • AlfyAlfy May 2011
    I have the 37" Vizio It has served me very well as a monitor for my gaming machine and for watching videos.
  • JonobonoJonobono May 2011
    Sounds like a decent buy lethal. I'm very pleased with my toshiba.
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