Diablo 1
  • redboneredbone May 2011
    I know that some of you just went through the game not too long ago. But I got it yesterday at Goodwill for 2 bucks =D. So I would be down for some company if anyone cares to tag along.
  • GovernorGovernor May 2011
    Diablo 1 is free. I mean, it isn't really free, but it does not have any CD key or require any sort of authentication, so it is essentially free.

    It is awesome, regardless.
  • coffeecoffee May 2011
    haha I did a similar thing - bought Diablo 2 battle chest last week because I was bored and never really played it. My opinion it pales to Titan Quest and even DIablo 1.
  • ErlingErling May 2011
    There's no run feature and it makes me cry.
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